Will it Play? – The Division – Ryzen 5 2400G – VEGA 11 – Benchmark

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“Better” performance can be had by stepping up to the next level of cards here:
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  1. UPDATE – Good morning (or afternoon)! – There are 3 more of the R5 2400G and 1 more of the R3 2200G videos coming before the end of this series. The full review and a full build should happen this week, they are next on my list.

  2. How would this 1080p 45fps feel like on Free Sync monitor, does Mr Tech Deals use FS?

  3. Today is my birthday! !! and iam not asking for likes… I wanted to know a answer for a question… So should I buy a gpu now because every single model is gone down by 100$ and there is a news the price gonna rise again???

  4. It would be interesting to see whether using a 2200G or Ryzen 1200 with a GT 1030 works out a better deal than spending the extra $70 on the 2400G.

  5. My msi Afterburner does not show me temperatures and GPU usage.

  6. Why don't you test old games, I want to see what games can this thing run fullhd high settings, test witcher 2 please.

  7. Have you done before? If not can you do a quick video on how to use setup and name the on screen msi afterburner. Thanks.
    Loving will it play.

  8. Mr. Tech Deals! there's been an alarming problem/terror lately regarding packages…i hope you're making some precautions…stay safe!

  9. Maybe you could do a GTX 750TI vs 2200G and 2400G it will be interesting to see!

  10. Would be nice if you could also tested it with those cheap entry level Freesync monitor 40-75 Hz (some said the minimum could lowered so it could use the LFC).

  11. thank you for video plz also upload video nfs payback ,project cars 2, dirt 4 performance on ryzen 5 2400g apu hope you upload the video

  12. Ryzen 5 supports virtualization, which is the main reason I went with the 2400G. I just wish it was a 35W TDP part- don’t care for the noise the stock cooler makes, but I’m impressed with the game playing and productivity application performance I’ve been getting. I’ll eventually install a Noctua CPU cooler and put it in a quieter case I have sitting empty.

  13. Im thinking building this for 450€ with 8gb ram 3200 and then later buy a graphics card probably a 1050ti they are cheap here in my country , its sad that the set of 8gbram is like 120€ but its worth it i guess

    In my current potato pc is a skt 1050 build, instead upgrading my build i prefer to pass to skt AM4 with this ryzen i think its a good decision am4 will stay for a while 🙂

  14. apu is not very powerful, I would say minimum from them is the 1600x you should get and clocked. and they fixed a lot of the memory problems. Now some are still saying the VRM quality has been guilty of some shittier stuff on some mobo's. I wouldn't get a B board….but yeah you could have a good Ryzen system.

  15. Dunno if i should ask this here or not, but i'm currently running an 8350 OC to 4.4GHz with a 3gb rx 280x , 12GB 2400 ram, win 10 64 pro. and in game's like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Endless Space 2 i can still run @1080p high to ultra high with no problems, so my question is should i upgrade my system to a ryzen 1600 now or wait a bit? I've been wanting to build a new system for about a year but with GPU prices as they are i have waited, but i'm thinking given current prices on the tomahawk b350 and ryzen 1600 cpu, that now would be an ideal time to upgrade system, but just use this old GPU instead. or would i be better of buying a 2400g?

  16. This channel is so underated man , he explains it one by one and everything very detailed and filled with informations good job keep up the good work dude.

  17. Can you crossfire these APUs like the previous generations? Like let's say a budget RX 550 crossfire with this APU…

  18. I think the 1080p result are a clear indication of bandwidth starving.

  19. I just hope AMD could release a quick update with APU's at 12nm.

    Maybe 1500Mhz base and 3.8Ghz for the cpu 😀

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