Will it Play? – Sniper Elite 4 – Ryzen 5 2400G – VEGA 11 – Benchmark

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Playlist of Ryzen 5 2400G “Will It Play?” –
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Ryzen 5 2400G — @Amazon — @NewEgg

— Sniper Elite 4 — @Kinguin — @G2A

If you have an older 4 core PC, either AMD or Intel, and you’d like similar performance to what you see here, either of these 2 add-in graphics cards will perform similar to the VEGA 8 you see here:

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  1. great one tech always love seeing your videos do more on the Cadillac build father the hardware

  2. Will it play PUBG on Intel HD graphics next please. Nice video sir. Intel will be ashamed that team red is so ahead in onboard graphics

  3. Productivity benchmarks next please. Premiere pro, Photoshop, resolve

  4. i think these APUs can get better with optimization. i saw a spike of 60-80 fps and i think they could manage a solid 35-40 instead of the 25-30 you were getting.

  5. I really enjoy the depth of information you provide in all your videos. I am glad finding your channel! Most valuable subscription ever

  6. Please new video of wot 1.0 and war thunder 3.77

  7. I don't know why but I have played SE4 more then any other game currently, I totally enjoy the game.

  8. Good video, could you try MKX or Rise Tomb Raidero on a Ryzen 3 2200g? 😀 thanks

  9. would love to know what kind of o.c on the igpu is possible from your sample whit stock voltage whit some kind of small 120mm cooler master evo 212 130 watt tdp over the the amd one i know you play safe whit o.c so make me less worry and what kind of gain i can expect 10% 15% ?i'm thinking of replacing my i5 4690k whit one of those 4 core 8 tread lol.Also would like to know compared to a gtx 1050ti how much slower average % it is as i find the gtx 1050ti kind of nice spot performance wise not price wise lol

  10. great job on showing what to expect from a purchase of one of these apu

  11. Played yesterday and even with 90 fps on a 120hz monitor it feels like 60hz for some reason

  12. Thank you for testing this game as i want to buy a ryzen 5

  13. Bro u are a great worker,for your work you should get minimum 1000000 subscribers

  14. So it wouldn't increase performance if you would set Vram higher (for example 4-6 GB)? Feels bad man :/ I expected a bit more performance from Vega. I wanted to sell my complete Rig (rx480+fx8350+16ram) to built on this GPU/ APU, but the result make me salty.^^

  15. Very informative videos that's just clean and kid friendly. Thanks Mr. Tech deals for all your great videos!

  16. Thanks for the video! And whether it is possible to record video on this processor….interested if I can stream it in World of Warships! thanks in advance

  17. Hi ! I saw that you did a review on the Z370 Killer SLI from ASRock, can you (or someone) tell me please how many fans I can connect to this Motherboard. I want to pair it with an i5-8400 and GTX 1060 (6GB)(just saying). Thank You !

  18. hi tech deals , im having issues on my machine, im having gpu kernel error, game crushing always, any advice or solutions, thank you

  19. Nice, is there a plan doing a micro atx system or mini it system in the future?

  20. Hey Mr. Tech Deals! I was wondering if you could make a vid on how to overclock this apu. That would be super helpful.

  21. Mr. TechDeals, Found your YouTube Channel 6 months ago and have enjoyed all your videos. I have never "Gamed" before and I've learned a lot from your "Will it Play" videos. You may already be aware of this and regardless of your stand on our 2nd Amendment rights, YouTube has recently taken a stand on not allowing many "Gun" related videos on its' channel with the current national school shooting events movements. I sincerely hope it does not evolve to the point where you are restricted on your "Will it Play" videos.

  22. Love your channel, Im about to buy a laptop in the 600-700 pricetag, hope tou can help me with a recomendation, im looking at the HP 360 envy ryzen 5 with vega, what do you think?

  23. I'd say that Sniper Elite gets boring after a while. With the 4 minute gameplay,very little seems to happen and it looks quite easy. Not much bullet drop or wind,or maybe it was just this level. But how fun can sitting at a spot and snipping bots be?

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