Upgrade My PC Please! [S01E11] The Final Winners!

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MSI B350 Gaming Plus =
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ASRock AB350M Pro4 =
DDR4-2400 8GB =
Crucial MX300 525GB =
Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 120EX =
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Upgrade My PC Please! [S01E11] The Final Winners!


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  1. I wish I could provide good quality photo's but I don't have a good camera, all I have to work with is a 2MP camera :l

  2. So sad, I can't join to any of this awesome freebies, Only open to US, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK only 🙁

  3. It's all dandy & cool, but seriously, add more countries on the list, otherwise it's only exclusive to privileged english speaking countries

  4. Some deserving winners there! Stop making Steve say photos ffs 🙂

  5. Pls upgrade my pc i really need it

    Pc specs:

    Cpu- O2
    Gpu- Co2
    Ram- H2

  6. Why and how do all of your videos get demonetized? I mean you do not swear or do anything that would be even slightly against any sort of rules. You are literally helping people and giving them happiness.

  7. Congrats to all winners!!! A big thank you to Steve and the suppliers.

  8. No Black Friday edition whaaaa?!!! To take advantage of all the leeet deals!!! lol Loved the season cheers HU have a good holiday!

  9. Steve, you always talk about photos, help us nub photographers on the best photos to upload.

    1. High Resolution?
    2. PC Setup / Layout?
    3. PC running or not?
    4. Location? Seen some taken outside?
    5. Internal shots including cabling?
    6. Is there more?


  10. I get it, better photos XD. Feels like you're talking about me LOL

  11. Where are the "after" photos of these rigs so we can see how much difference the prizes have made ?

  12. I feel you are blowing a LOT of the budget on platform upgrades that they don't really need. A lot of haswell users are better off upgrading to an i7 than swapping to a new Ryzen.

  13. 5:20 swapping a 660 for a 1050? Thats not a big upgrade (~20%), getting him a ryzen 5 1600 or an intel 4 core
    instead of the pentium would have made more senso imo.

  14. seem AMD option win upgrade my pc this years lets see what the 2018 gonna turn out ^^.

  15. A GTX 1050 isn't a big upgrade over a GTX 660. It's definitely faster, but I would've spent more on the CPU and left the 660 for now. Your upgrade choice for Akatsuki was pretty terrible too, IMO. A Ryzen 5 1400 isn't a big upgrade over an i5-2300. I think the money should've gone towards a new GPU.

  16. My photos were depressingly bad because I didn't want to unplug my tower and get the DSLR out…

  17. hope South Africa gets added so that i can enter too but in the min time im bout watching these video uploads

  18. Do you pick voter winners just by glancing at the first page of comments? The day you posted the last vid was literally my birthday, was kinda hoping for that sweet Ryzen processor, but I guess a comment on page 5 just doesn't cut it…

  19. Oh my! I thought iw was worldwide i thought i can upgrade my pc but good thing that you're showing love to your fans and gives them an opportunity <3

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