Top 5 Steam Weekend Game Deals – June 2018

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Top 5 Steam Weekend Game Deals – June 2018


(Game Deals end June 4, 2018 so hurry while it lasts!)

Steam deals and links
Total War: WARHAMMER –
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 –
Tannenberg –
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam –

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  1. hey Elrich you look really good man full of enrygy good to see you improvingyour helath, cool vids the last game you showed looks reallygood ty for the heads up on the deals. looking foward for tomorrow

  2. Thanks for sharing. I see two I want Gene still praying for you.

  3. Hey Elric would you consider doing some laptop reviews?

  4. Hey Wow thanks for the info there and you have a great looking dog there too.

  5. Thanks for the heads up the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam i might get only £9.50 uk and i have i have the first rising storm not a bad game well worth the money .

  6. Train Simulator 18 free try for weekend =P

    Just Cause 2 for 2.99€ and Sleeping Dogs for 4.49€ (definitive edition) are 110% worth their discounted price. Both are superb.

  7. Guys get the Verrmintide 2 game! You are gonna love it. I have it and its so much fun and easy to play so if grinding that gaming mouse is your thing, so is Vermintide 2. Thank me later.

  8. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is $4.49. Haven't played it but am considering it.

  9. I'm so happy that now you feel better. Keep it up man 😀

  10. This isnt the summer sale is it? Little early. Thanks Elrich for the info man! RAWK ON!!

  11. Would like to see more of these. Keep it up, man.

    We've got your back.

  12. Nice ones, sadly not playing these days so I will miss this one, but I will share the video, I think some friends might enjoy it

  13. Yeah I bought Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and tempted to get Tannenberg.. Thanks Elric

  14. Well thanks for the video, Eric . I never realized that steam sales started.

  15. ARMA 3 and all its DLC for $20 on humble bundle. You also get all the old armas, best deal rn

  16. Jeez… this is one of the worst weekend of sales I've seen yet…

  17. You should do more video with your dog. Hes adorable and seemed really happy the whole time lmao

  18. Never tried Warhammer but I might since you're recommending it. 😀

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