Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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Top 5 CPUs Gaming Edition, June 2018

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  1. If this is your first time visiting the Hardware Unboxed channel and you’ve quickly jumped to the conclusion that we’re bias towards Intel (Intel fanboys) or even worse paid off by Intel, then I’d encourage you to do a little more research before firing off a comment.

    We do our best to be as neutral as possible and look at our benchmark comparisons from as many angles as possible. It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, never ever have I (Steve) or anyone associated with the Hardware Unboxed channel taken a dollar from either Intel or AMD, never have and never will. Half the time Intel doesn’t provide us with review samples either, forcing us to buy them.

    Hope that’s clear enough.

  2. Hey guys, anyone knows whats best for mmo/rpg games (oldie mmos like Aion, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, Bless) paired with GTX 1060 3gb? wich cpu would not bottleneck those titles and can take all the performance from the 1060?

  3. Can confirm the Ryzen 2200G is the best budget gaming CPU.
    I'm running it at 4Ghz with 3200Mhz ram +timings.
    Every game i have runs smooth, better than my previous Intel Core i5 (my computer's motherboard died and was cheaper to get whole new Ryzen setup than a new motherboard for the intel cpu).

  4. Could you do a new series of tests structured around FPS PER DOLLAR?

  5. I had a 1600, disappointed with the optimization for the games and programs I use, switched to the 8400, much better.

  6. Hey need some opinions on my PC I built in November/December 2017.

    CPU Ryzen [email protected]@1.336V at idle with LLC set to highest goes to 1.39V/1.4V at 100% load.
    Mobo MSI X370 Gaming M7 ACK.
    RAM 16GB Kingston HyperX Predator 3200MHz 16-18-18-36 running @ 3200MHz.
    GPU AMD Radeon 7790 1GB VRAM.
    PSU is a Segotep 1250W model GP1350G.
    HDD is a very old SAMSUNG HD502 500GB sadly I don't have an SSD.
    CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 SE AM4.
    Case is a Thermaltake Overseer RX-I with three 200mm fans and one 120mm.

    What do you all recommend I do with the system?
    Should I stay with it the way it is or should I upgrade?
    Honestly I built it with so much passion and love so I hope it'll be good for a long time.
    What do you think guys/gals?
    Excuse my English.

  7. Hey guys, is there a top 5 best game streaming CPUs? Team red, team blue, idc. All I want is the most performance. Thanks

  8. U should of told me to take a break faster I already smashed my free sync monitor!!!! Grrrrr , and n e one know if I can get my ryzen 1600 memory , Corsair (3000) past 2666mhz?(edit) and is it worth upgrading one of the first 1600 r5 to the zen 2 if that’s the last AM4(could be wrong that’s why I ask )

  9. I have had my new rig with 8600K and 1070ti for a week now and it is great. I appreciate the competition from AMD but I went with the i5 because I only have good experiences with my past intel systems.

  10. Hey guys. I really want to start supporting amd and am looking for the absolute fastest overclock for 4 threads completely ignoring money that would compare to the 8700k or 9700k.

  11. Hail ryzen!!! Cpu with all thread with all purpose…thanks for the vid

  12. I just got my Ryzen 5 1600 from micro center for just $150 brand new!

  13. Intel i7 8700 + custom cooler is missing here. I bought it for 7020 CZK (273 EUR now) + custom coller.

  14. Thank you for your video. I had to choose between r5 and i5 8400 and after weeks of reviews I decided to buy the following configuration: r2600+MSI x470 gaming Plus+ msi gtx 1060 6gb and 2×8 GB ram 3200Mhz. I will stick to 1080p, not bothered with 4k.
    Please let me know if I make the right choice. Cheers

  15. I strongly considered the 8400 for exactly the reasons stated in this video. Would have been $40 less than the 2600X (Which nearly matches it in games). But ya you can pop a 2600X onto a B350 motherboard and use middle of the road DDR4. Overall in the same price range and a VERY close match in games and a far more robust system. I would have called it a tie if not for the extra $50 it might costs for the whole package of the 2600X.

  16. I am confused Steve, I just watched a video where you said if people keep buying Intel CPU's that they would keep doing stuff like not soldering the IHS and not giving us good cooling solutions when you buy their CPU's and more. Now I watch a video where you basically tell us to buy Intel CPU's if we game. Are they really better gaming CPU's anyway or just with a 1080ti at 1080p or less. Do you honestly think @ 1080p where most people game, with say a RX580 or GTX 1060 you will even notice the difference between say a R5 1600 and a i5 8400? If you really want to know why Intel keeps getting away with their crap, just watch this video. Not trying to be a jerk, just an honest observation. IMHO it's far better to match the monitor graphics card unless you're still rocking an FX 4300.

  17. "And before AMD fans smash their keyboards across their Freesync monitors…" best thing I've heard in all my days of watching your channel.

  18. I got my i7 7700k and z270 a few months before the 8700k, but the performance increase comes with a price increase so with gaming in a lot of cases probably won't matter, I'll just overclock the 7700k and get it to 8700k performance if possible. I also now play at 1440p so the difference isn't too big for the price difference, at 1080p it might be worth it for no compromise or resolutions below 1080p (but who still plays below 1080p anyway XD)

  19. Rocking the R3 1200 with a 1050ti and couldn't be happier. Around 60 fps at max settings in most of the games I play and beyond than if I tweak my settings and that's running cheap 2133 memory. I think that right now, if you are getting a budget graphics card that will give better graphics than Vega 8 or 11, then the saving you get with the R3 1200 might really be worth it.

  20. So Intel for wealthy pc noblemen
    And amd for the bottom of the barrel filthy peasants

  21. If i want to build a 500 pound gaming pc wgat cpu should i grt if im getting a 1050 ti

  22. I just got the 8400 and it runs really good. But like you mentioned in the video about high refresh rates will i not be getting frames above 144 on my monitor with this CPU ? Do i have to change ? I am planning to get the next gen GPU when it comes out if that matters. And my monitor is 1440p 144hz.

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