Top 5 Best Used Graphics Cards

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Best value options, ordered by cost per frame:
GeForce GTX 570:
GeForce GTX 670:
Radeon R7 260X:
GeForce GTX 760:
GeForce GTX 660 Ti:
GeForce GTX 580:
GeForce GTX 750:
Radeon HD 7870:
GeForce GTX 770:
Radeon HD 7850:
Radeon R7 265:
Radeon HD 7770:
Radeon HD 7790:
GeForce GTX 660:
GeForce GTX 680:
GeForce GTX 950:
GeForce GTX 780:
Radeon R9 285:
GeForce GTX 750 Ti:
GeForce GTX 780 Ti:

The Ultimate 44 Used GPU Benchmark & Price Guide

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  1. Still rockin' a GTX 690. As hated as it may be it still works for 1080 gaming. Even if I have to lower textures because of the lack of VRAM while cranking everything else to max. The fact that this card is still even relevant is shocking considering it's 6 years old. It shouldn't be able to play sh*t at this point.

  2. i have a very good question Q&A why arent CPUs also cooled from the backside?

  3. How is the 280x on the list and not the hd 7970? They are the same cards, yet the latter is a lot cheaper.

  4. I got that GTX770 you shown! Still running and can't complain! I would like to switch to AMD to support AMD, but their prices are ridiculous at the moment. As long as AMD is making a profit and can develop Navi, I'm happy. NVidia is doing bugger all and just collect money.

  5. Dude HD 6950 is only 40€, i bought one for 10€ that wasnt working, i just opened it and changed the thermal past and it worked normaly

  6. Took these notes for reference, might be helpful to someone:

    GTX 670
    like 1050

    GTX 770
    better than GTX 680, also a GTX 680

    Radeon R9 280X
    The last radeon
    Similar to GTX 770

    GTX 970
    Turns out 4GB is overrated
    15% slower than GTX 1060 6GB
    Similar to GTX 780

    GTX 780
    At least it's not a Fermi
    Similar to GTX 970
    Consumes more power than GTX 970

  7. From a user with a 4 month RMA headache, avoid the Asus 280X specifically – there is a 60+page horror thread or artifacting on the ROG forums. Crashing/artifacting/reboots/BSOD- just broken cards. Brian at TechYesCity also had one recently and it was broken. Couldn't fix it. The Asus was overclocked too high out of the box and was running 1.6v on VRAM for components rated for 1.5. A bios fix was released to track it back to 1.5 but did nothing to solve my problems. Finally RMA'd it (have to go thru the seller not direct which was Amazon and they didn't want anything to do with it) – fionally got a refund (as a "good will gesture" it was still in warranty) and went with a XFX 290. Fab card.

  8. I bought a 280X based on one of your recent videos. It cost me 100 USD and I could not be happier with the choice. Thanks!

  9. Hello Steve, can you do a GTX 960 4gb video, showing how it scaled vs GTX 1050ti in newer games?

  10. 380,380x not on the list :O and 390 cost same as 970 and its faster.

  11. Having owned both an top tier GTX 680 (MSI Lightning, so for all intents and purposes = GTX 770), and just a mid-range 280X (PowerColor TurboDuo OC) which I replaced the former with (at no cost to myself, but ofc, both these cards are long gone by now), and I can say without a doubt in my mind that the latter card is a BUNCH faster! (If you play mostly modern games).

    The extra 1GB of VRAM's the biggest win ofc (and 4GB 680's are pretty much unicorn's, and just as pointless) making anything with >2GB of VRAM load an absolute no-contest, but even outside that, unlike Kepler, GCN1 has aged wonderfully and has full hardware DX12 support, including Async Compute, whereas the ridiculously driver optimization/software scheduler dependant Kepler design continues to look less, and less fit for the present, let alone the future. So while they may trade blows in older games, in many newer titles, the 280X is like 15-20% faster, and in very nearly all of them it comes out on top by a decent margin.

  12. Managed to recently get a r9 390 for 120 off a guy selling his gaming rig

  13. Would not recommend anything less than a gtx 770 4gb for games and can be had for 130 on ebay used Do not get the gtx 770 2 gb edition. Delivers 90 fps on games like Dying Light, over 120 fps on Black ops 3 etc… Don't get any graphics card with less than 3gb or your wasting your money. New titles utilize more ram now and 2gb wont cut it. The Gtx 770 beats the 1050 ti hands down, especially in intense games because of the number of cuda cores over the 1050 ti. Don't get any 600 series gpu, they are slow and ram deficient for modern titles. So in REALITY for gaming best bang for buck for game play over 60fps and no hangs from drops goes to the gtx 770. If you want more power save and get the 980Ti it smokes the 1060, and when OC'd can match a 1080 founders edition

  14. Yeah, but what about memory prices? Also, platter drives have been at inflated prices since around 2008-9, prices went up due to a flood then never came down >:-(

  15. I'm kinda disappointed that there's only 1 from the red team here but it's understandable. The used market is messed up as well from the cryptocurrency rush. And also due to the fact that AMD cards have proven to be hardy mining gpus; their ability to withstand higher temps, abuse, and their initial pricing made them the default go-to for this craze. Therefore, sellers skyrocket their prices because of high demand and limited stock. NVIDIA cards on the other hand have been mostly on the sidelines due to people focusing on the 10XX series so their prices in the used market have considerably dropped (where I'm from however the pricing is still ridiculous so it's not much of a difference switching to the green team when you could shell out a few more bucks for something that can outperform the cheaper NVIDIA card when it comes to the bang for buck experience).

  16. I use a HD7970 with 3 GB's and the games I play runs pretty well at 1080 ultrasettings.

  17. Well, price/performance ratio still is a relative value which doesn't help you if you're slugging along in a game with 30 something fps in absolute terms or having streaming issues due to a lack of VRAM.

  18. no 780 is not similar to 970. In many games kepler didnt get optimized drivers and the 780 is just barely an inch ober gtx 960 level. Fortunately this crippling hasnt been done with Maxwell so far. It surprises me that you put them on par when they are far away from that.

  19. While the crypto market will never fully be destroyed or collapse, it is getting to the point where its becoming more expensive to mine then the return…or a newer way to mine will be discovered. When either happens, I cant wait for the massive influx of used graphics cards onto ebay from people offloading them all.

  20. apparently the 7xx and 9xx series cards blow up because of some sort of memory chip (taken from "Actually Hardcore Overclocking") is this something to worry about since they often pop up at really good prices.

  21. can you send me a graphic card cheap one i dont have a card to play XD

  22. I'm a sucker for punishment I guess because I'm a AMD (ATI) Graphics card fan. I think ATI as a Canadian Company was better back then in the then current market. So I had to switch when AMD bought out the Canadian ATI top notch company and messed it up a bit 🙂 (Can you tell I'm Canadian and older?) Voodoo!!!

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