Top 5 Best Graphics Cards to Buy in Late 2017

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My Top 5 Best GPUs to Buy going into the new year! Links & deals to these graphics cards in-order-of appearance below:
#5 – Sapphire Pulse RX 560 4GB:
#4 – Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini 4GB:
#3 – EVGA GTX 1060 3GB:
#2 – AMD RX VEGA 56 8GB HBM2:
#1 – ASUS STRIX GTX 1080Ti 11GB:

Honorable Mentions & Links to Check Current Prices & Availability:
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti:
AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB:
AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB:
AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB:

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  1. Great video and awesome editing. Really liked how you showed FPS of games and the specs of the cards as well! Subbed.

  2. Who is going to buy a fresync moniter with a $100 gpu budget….

  3. Hey guys if I wanted to get a really good graphics card for under $200 that works with 300W power supply what should I get? I have a trash card in my PC right now its a Radeon HD 7570 and I need to upgrade big time. My system can handle something beefy I have a 3.6 GHz 8 core processor with 10GB of ram. Just need to replace the graphics card. LMK guys

  4. Can't wait for the bitcoin bubble to pop. $2k – $8k in six months? Just like the housing bubble but instead of vacant houses we'll have a bunch of video cards on ebay when all the mining farms liquidate.

  5. Well I’m ordering the 1070 8gb dual fan from MSI in 20 minutes. Whoops

  6. Wanted to buy rx580 but omg , the price is almost the same with gtx 1070 on my place. Wtf

  7. is the rx 580 and risen 1700 able to run games on a 1440p monitor?

  8. first time ever watching his video and all i can focus on is his hands lol

  9. But you said that the vega 56 is the best for 400 dollars but it is allways over that price

  10. I wanna buy a 1080 rog strix next week or is There Something better yet

  11. Hey awe, in my country the 1060 3g and 6gb are virtually the same price, this also aplies for EVGA SC and ASUS DUAL OC, between these two, which one should I buy?

  12. I’m a little new to building PCs just a question why is it more expensive for the 1060 3gb then the 1050ti 4gb?

  13. There are so many reviews regarding the best of the best and as well about the Graphics Cards. The review with the most online YouTube viewers got a whole different top 5 or top 10 low mid and high end range.

    I whas asking myself: "Why"

    Passmark Software is the best overview for this research for years and still the best of all.

  14. Came for the late 2017 video card info, discovered what Sarah Silverman would look like with facial hair and a hair cut. Great video, I wish I would've found this channel a long time ago. Subbed

  15. Titan xp sli but I am 26 and have a good job stay in school kids!

  16. I'm still playing with a 970 GTX and have excellent fps for many games… will probably wait the Volta series before changing

  17. I am using a i7 6700k and 3 GTX 780ti`s. Im planning on upgrading to the 2000 series if nvidia decides to do that.

  18. I'm currently running the Asus ROG Mars 760, and I'm looking to upgrade. But I don't think I'm gonna spend more than $600. Do you think the GTX 1070's will be quite the jump from what I'm currently using? Great Vid, and thank you!

  19. I'd be super glad if anyone can answer this. Well, this morning I went to the a store nearby to get a Lenovo legion y520 laptop. Surprisingly I saw it has GTX 1060 4GB graphics. It was mentioned in the system info and also in the original box. But when I check online GTX 1060 has only 3GB or 6Gb models. Btw, I live in Dubai and I'm not sure if it differs from country to country. Kindly help me out.

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