Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops

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MSI GS65 Stealth Thin:
Acer Predator Helios 300:
Asus ROG GL502VS:
Aorus X9 DT:
Microsoft Surface Book 2:
Gigabyte Aero 15X:
Core i7-8750H Laptops:
Core i7-7700HQ Laptops:

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Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops

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  1. I like your reviews. I've actually heard in multiple other reviews that build is actually better for the Aero though. However, the build of the GS 65 isn't terrible itself.

  2. Your 'budget' category is $1000+?! C'mon guys, that's just ridiculous when a LOT of us are looking for a TRULY budget laptop that's legitimately capable of some moderate gaming. For me, this is a secondary device that just doesn't see a whole lot of use because I've invested a REAL amount of money into my gaming desktop, and, as such, it seems much more use being my primary PC.
    There are multiple offerings below $1000 with 1060s, 1050s/tis, and AMD APUs with Vega graphics that are more than capable of running modern games with decent settings. Hell, many of them below $800, $700 even, which is closer to what I'll be looking at when I'm in the market for one of these later this year.

    Great list, but the 'budget' category as presented makes absolutely no sense

  3. What about the Clevo P870TM1-G, cant understand why most overlook this beast. It launched well before these 8th generation gaming laptops with the superior i7 8700K CPU.

  4. GM501 also wins in terms of CPU performance by a large amount . basically if u want appearances over anything, GS65 is the best, performance wise goes to GM501, whilst AERO15 sits right between these two

  5. Have to disagree here.. I have jad hands on with a few of those laptops like the Asus one.. They are horribly designed being to thin with weak cooling. There are numerous complaints over the internet in which they are not only loud and uncomfortable to rest your hands on, but their gpu and cpu temps are pushinf high 80s and low 90s.
    I would recommend the thicker gt msi laptop any day. With that the thing is extemely quiet, doesn't get hot to touch.. And the temps max out at high 50s on cpu.. And low 70s with gpu.. Basically desktop temps.
    Is it heavier and thicker? Sure its a GAMING laptop as in a desktop replacement.

  6. The Medion Erazer series are also good gaming laptops I have one which I can not complain about 🙂

  7. Why do you say "as low as 1600$" that's not low thats expensive as hell

  8. LOL get the fuck out of here, no mention of Clevo/Sager units? Way cheaper than these RGB shitboxes.
    BGA cancer, buy once throw in trash after 2 years.

  9. Do gaming while streaming benchmark for new gen ryzen…eg. 2600 vs i5 8400

  10. What about the new Dell G3/G5/G7 series? Also I can't bring myself to buy another Acer, I got a Predator 15 and it was a nightmare. The speakers died, Windows wouldn't update, and customer support was very unhelpful. I was getting a blue screen of death with every minute of use, not exaggerating I timed it.

  11. if you're in China, instead of Helios, you may check out Hasee Z7-KP7GC

  12. U can't game on surface laptop gtx1060 for long periods. The thermals will sky rocket because of the form factor. Just because they have the hardware does not mean we can use it for gaming. Btw Nice video.
    I have helios 300 gtx1060. Love it.

  13. I've heard much about the acer predator helios, but I personally think the Dell G7 is better, since it has an 8th generation CPU , is less loud, and less hot.

  14. I picked up the Helios 300 – I could not be happier. Great video.

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