Thor Gaming PC Build Mod! — Techvengers 2018

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Welcome to Techvengers! This is a competition to see who can create the best super hero themed gaming PC build. Don’t forget to vote!

→Nerd on a Budget – Hulk PC Build
Mod Video:

→JDTechGear – Black Panther PC Build
Mod Video:

→OzTalksHW – Spider Man PC Build
Mod Video:

→Tech by Matt – Iron Man PC Build
Mod Video:

→Toasty Bros – Captain America PC Build
Mod Video:

→Scatter Volt – Our Host (AKA Nick Fury)
Vote for your favorite modded Techvenger PC: TBD
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  1. Maybe the other side panel couldve been painted red with some cloth-like textures to make it look like his cape 😛

  2. Simple yet elegant. BUT WAIT A SEC thor have strombreaker and not myunice. Explain me that.

  3. 15k wow! and THE THOR build is AMAZING….I thought I commented the Thor music at the so cool.

  4. Great work. I actually stubble upon your page from watching OZtalks videos. I really liked your videos being for the main stream builders and budget. So for the case I would of done some cracks around the hammer so it 3D looked like it smashed the case. You have my vote.

  5. This Is Awesomeness Gaming Build.. This Is A Great Idea That You Guy's Have.. I Also Found Your Channel.. Threw This Awesome Contest.. You Are Right About Having Another Round.. Since You Guy's Are Build Hero's.. I Think For The Next Contest.. You Should Build Some Bad Guy's From The MARVEL Line.. So This Way All Of You Guys.. Have A Hero, & A Villain From MARVEL.. I'm Glad I Found This Contest.. Sweet..

  6. Any tips on my build? (Anyone please and thank you)

    Processor: I7-8700k
    Motherboard: Z370-E Gaming
    Processor Cooler: Engine 27
    Ram: 16Gb (2x8Gb) 3200Mhz C16
    Storage: 2Tb SSd Samsung
    Graphic Card: Gtx 1080 8GB
    Power Supply: 600Watts RGB

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