The Razer Core X Will Supercharge Your Laptop

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With a new lower price, the Razer Core X will upgrade your laptop with Thunderbolt 3 external graphics. 🔥
Can You Game on a Mac?
Razer Core X:


  1. Oof? isn't that in roblox? AUSTIN do u play roblox ? if u do , do a gameplay and add me on roblox : Wahidgamer12345 . Did anyone hear the oof?

  2. someone tell me can i play fortnite on my laptop?? Specs are :

    Processor : Intel Core i5 2410M 2.30GHz (While gaming i overclock it to 3.06GHz)
    Ram : 8.00GB
    Graphics card : (DOUBLE GRAPHICS CARD) Intel HD 3000 & Radeon 6770M for gaming.
    SSD Space : 518GB
    Laptop's age : 7 Years
    Model : HP Pavilion dv6 6000
    OS : Windows 10 Home (genuine version) Had Windows 7 home premium (Contact me on gmail if you want my windows 7 home premium key. email is

  3. must be a terrible cpu bottleneck or the thunderbolt stuff does not work..

    1080p 70-80fps with a vega 64?

    my 1070 delivers 120fps in 1440p ultra

  4. Austin Evans I know your never gonna get this comment but I need your help all of my friends are getting PCs and all I can afford was the Intellect nuc (a mini pc) I am a noob to pc builds and I wanted to know if you knew how to speed it up to play games at better graphics.

  5. you can use this with a thunderbolt 2 equipped mac

  6. I wish I could build a full desktop PC on a case that's as nice as the core

  7. can I get 15 subs because that would be super littttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. does the razer core come with the gpu or you have to buy it yourself?

  9. You pay over a thousand dollars only to pay more to play rocketleague.
    A game any laptop made in the last 5 years can run

  10. So can u hypothetically use a usb to type c adapter with the Razer core x

  11. that's the xps 13 9360 right? Won't you get lower performance on a two-lane thunderbolt port?

  12. I have a razer blade stealth and it only has 2 usb ports. So if I plug in a mouse and keyboard populating those ports and plugging in headphones into the headphone port, can I still use my laptop's mic while it's plugged in the razer core?

  13. 500 dollars? Gosh you people are cheap, also amd is shit, but still, if you want expensive, try around the 1000 dollars mark. ok buddies? ok.

  14. The Razer Core X will turn your laptop into a Forced-Induction gaming rig.

  15. does anyone else love the way the radeon graphics cards look? but they dont peform as good as a titan x or something?

  16. What will happen if i use it on a pc?

    razer core x + pc = end of the world

  17. i more like a turbocharger fan tututututututu and not the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (CAR GUYS KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT)

  18. So these things basically turn your regular desktop or laptop, into a gaming pc?

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