The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU – How Good Is It?

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  1. I really like this GPU. Awesome performance for the TDP and Price. Thanks for the support 2d fam!

  2. what do you thing about mi xiaomi notebook pro with i 7, 16 gb of ram and gtx 150mx

  3. What is the full model name of this laptop? When i looking for aspire 5 there’s quite alot of other model

  4. That's fairly impressive, probably on par with GTX 750, but worse than 750 Ti / GTX 860M? Maybe GTX 850M / 950M or something like that. Still very impressive for the power consumption.

  5. You gonna review the asus Zeb book flip 14? Super interested, has this gpu and 8th gen i7 as a 2 in 1.

  6. I really really want to get my hands on this laptop but unfortunately it costs around 800 euros in Europe which is roughly 940 dollars, that's a huge difference in price which makes it unaffordable for me. (sorry for my bad english i'm french)

  7. i want to get a laptop that will be able to play the sims 4 but i have to get a laptop thats under a budget

  8. Can you feature the HP Spectre x360 with the 8th gen quad core i7 and mx150?

  9. I cant find this anyway on Amazon us plz help! I can only find the 940mx version but I really want this one

  10. I got an acer aspire 5 with an i5 8250u and mx 150 gpu. The screen is a bit dull and only 720p but it’s still a good deal right?

  11. Looks like AMD's New Raven Ridge APU GPU will match the Nvidia MX150 (Ryzen 5 2500U) or exceed it (Ryzen 7 2700U) with the most recent leaks. They will be great for Thin gaming laptops. 🙂

  12. Hey guys, i'm a college student who wants to get a affordable laptop for school and gaming (overwatch, pubg). Is this still the best one to get? Or are there any better ones at the same price on the market now?

  13. Nice video Dave, I am about to buy the new Spectre x360 15" with i7 8550u and MX150. What do you think about this convertible laptop? Thanks

  14. Should I buy a laptop without dedicated graphics or buy the same model with a mx150 for an extra 180€ ? is the card worth the extra cash ?

  15. All that I'm doing is getting this pc for better performance than this older hp model. Then after a few months i'm building a far more powerful system.

  16. You know which much better for gamming ????? Btw nvidia mx150 or nvidia 940mx ???

  17. Needed this info, really glad to see you already covered it. Thanks!

  18. So overwatch on medium settings will run just fine at over 60fps?

  19. Impressive. My laptop from 2013 has GT 755m SLI cards with performance roughly equal to the 960m (4338 Firestrike). It also has a TDP of 100W for the GPUs and cost about $1000 new. Now you can get most of that performance in a much cheaper laptop with a quarter of the TDP.

  20. you know that you dont need 60fps to enjoy a game right ? 720low is stupid … put it on 900medium and play or 30fps …simple

  21. hi dave, can u make a comparsion between the xiaomi pro 15 i7 with the hp x360 15 i7, they got the same cpu and gpu and it just hard to choose for me.

  22. How long do you think this GPU will last in terms of playing games at low setting with acceptable frame rates for aaa?

  23. Im interested to see the benchmarks for acer aspire e5 576g with the i5 8250u (4 cores 8 threads) and mx150, i may buy it if it's really good for the money.

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