The Best Value Performance GPU, GTX 1070 Ti vs. RX Vega 56 [35 Game Benchmark]

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The Best Value Performance GPU, GTX 1070 Ti vs. RX Vega 56 [35 Game Benchmark]

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  1. I realize there is something off with the Call of Duty: WWII results, I’m just not sure what it is. I’ve seen results from Guru3D and TechPowerUp that haven’t run into the issue I have, they didn’t use the latest AMD driver like I did so perhaps that’s the issue (I’m still investigating). They also didn’t use a Core i7-8700K.

    That said I’m not alone either, GameGPU also found the same odd fps cap with the Radeon GPUs when testing with the Core i7-6700. They were capped to 77 fps in the section of the game they tested, so there is clearly an issue here that needs to be addressed.

    I’ll provide an update when I have more information.

  2. Great review and visibly lots of work done to deliver the results. Enjoyed watching it, thank you.
    That said, whilst I understand the point of these test, which simply is to showcase the performance of a new GPU in popular games and put it in relation to competing GPUs so the consumers can choose the right product for their preferred games, I do miss somewhat more insight on what the performance potential really is, and to what extend games are really "optimized" as i.e. mentioned in the case of Prey (where I disagree with it being "very well optimized").
    I suspect, that 1) AMD Stream Processors are performing generally worse than NVidia Cuda cores (similar to the higher/lower IPC discussion related to CPUs). 2) Many games do not use all available GPU cores and certainly not evenly. This would explain why a Vega 56 flashed with a Vega 64 BIOS is almost as fast (difference in single digit percentage) like the Vega 64. An other indication for unused GPU cores is if a GTX 1070ti with way less CUDA cores than a GTX 1080ti is almost as fast in certain games. 3) Games seem to prefer high core (Stream processor or CUDA core) "IPC" combined with high clock speeds (usually NVidia) over high core-count GPUs which usually come from AMD. 4) And finally, it actually doesn't make a lot of sense to buy the high end GPUs as these are generally not well supported as it can be clearly seen in many games benchmarks where a high percentage of the additional GPU cores remain unused in too many games.
    It therefore would be interesting if there were any benchmark tests that would test the performance of a single Stream Processor or a single Cuda Core and then repeat the same benchmark using all cores (similarly to what is being done in the CPU world). This should give an indication of 1) what the theoretical maximum performance of the GPU really is, relative to other GPUs, 2) the effectiveness of the GPU cores and once compared with gameplay results, how well (or badly) individual games are really optimized. Sorry for the long text. But I hope my point makes somewhat sense.

  3. Fuck my life…it still costs around 500€ in Germany…Ram prices for 3200 Mhz 16 Gb raised from 215€ yesterday to 221€ today…the day before it was at 209€…I think I will not buy a PC until Ram goes down in that class until it goes underneath 100€ again….which according to the 3 big manufacturers won't before 2019, since they will wind down production for DDR4 Ram for desktops…they say they wanna optimize profits on this margin.

  4. awesome work mate. hope that monetization issue doesn't break your neck :-/ really love that you're including those vega64 LC results in every video. it's really interesting how it stacks up against my watercooled 56 with the LC bios in the games i can replicate your benchmarks 1:1 (which are tomb raider and deus ex for now).

  5. Please Fortnite Benchmarks but PUBG Sucks. Butthole sucks.

  6. The one and only Benchmark King, STEVE.

    As a side note, have your every considered testing games in high settings instead of ultra/max? Some of those extreme settings don't treat all GPUs equally and hammer done if them quite often and paint a bit of a misleading image imo. Just a thought.

  7. Hello, can I use your results in my video if i give you credit? Thanks for answering


  8. Stop working so damn hard! Some day soon, when I'm not broke, and maybe after I finally build a real PC (modified Optiplex 745 currently) I'm going to support the shit out of you on Patreon. I don't know if any other channel has taught me as much as Hardware Unboxed. Thanks.

  9. VEGA is a Disgrace ! thats why i bought an rx560 and midle of next year will wait a new Vega bec, 56/60 cant compete at all with 1070 and 1070TI specially me that i pplay PUBG ! and the prices diference are crazy

  10. It boils down to this. A 1070Ti can be overclocked to perform slightly better than a stock 1080. You can get this for $440-450. Overclocking a Vega 56 produces insane noise cause still just stock versions, power goes through the roof etc and 1070Ti would still be faster OC vs OC.

  11. Actually a nice card, especially when factoring in all parts of the calculation.
    Over here in europe the 1070 Ti starts at around $540 converted, Vega56 at $490 and GTX 1080 at $580.
    And since energy prices are higher (around 0.25€ or $0.30) Vega56 is now completely out of any reasonable build.

  12. So you OC the 1070 Ti but not the Vega 56? Could it be you wouldn't like those results?

  13. The Vega56 and 64 is really starting to suffer with no board partners realising their versions due to supply issues.

  14. Be honest you can’t tell a difference during actual game play with The fps counter

  15. Have you tried flashing the Vega 56 BIOS to 64 and overclocking/undervolting? Apparently doing so provides a pretty large benefit, even as OC'ing cards goes. DigitalFoundry said this makes the card comparable to a stock 1080, in which case I think saving however much money on a FreeSync monitor+soundly beating the stock 1070ti (and perhaps an OC'ed 1070ti) would make the Vega 56 an extraordinarily good value.
    In any case, great info as always!

  16. Honestly i love my sapphire nitro rx480 8G ….she’s my baby and i am good !! I have no issues playing the games at all.. i had 2 rx470s in my 4790k driven system …i traded 1 gtx 780 hydrocopper for the 2 470s and i had the 480 in the box getting ready to go in but tried the crossfire instead ….welll i prefer the single 480 over the xfire 470s …….its the fastest OCed 480 released and i ramped up fan speed and it cruises at 1350 sitting at 54-55C..mem clock2125MHz…just a quick OC but its stable as all get out,,,damn i love my PC..honestly i want to upgrade but why? I feel a new i3 or older i5 clocked at least 3.5 and a rx470 is more than enough for a great experience……yes I’m high

  17. The undisputed king of graphs. So much effort, don't know how you do it mate. Well done on another awesome vid

  18. bitcoin miners have made it literally impossible to buy the vega series they are far more expensive then the 1070 ti's in my country.

  19. I know this isn't really the point of the video, but I'm curious what people's opinion of the Vega 64 is right now, since their price seems to have stableized a bit recently. I mean, I know it tends to bench a tad lower than the 1070 ti in a lot of games, but it does win out in a few, and freesync monitors are more than 50 dollars cheaper than gsync ones. Part of me really wants to pick one up to try out freesync, but on the other hand some of those 1070ti's are just priced so supremely well right now. Thoughts?

  20. these GPU are way over my budget cant keep up with these prices if i want good scores.

  21. I got my MSi RX Vega 56 near launch, for AUD $650 and it was an absolute steal at that point, I ordered it JUST before it jumped over $110 due to scarcity and miners.

    Very happy with my system and have no regrets. Thanks for the blue bars and research, Steve!

    Also, as for 23:07 – Nice

  22. I was really missing the super easy bios mod for the Vega 56, it makes a world of difference.

  23. Surprised to see the Fury X is still a beast to this day!

  24. In my country (Italy) Vega 56 is worthless, Vega 56 is 550€, 1070 is 450€, 1070 Ti is 530€, 1080 is 550€ and Vega 64 is 550€. Prices are fucked up a bit.

  25. I bow to you for this epic benchmark Steve! The most important thing to see here was that overclocking a GTX1070 Ti can give the performance of a factory overclocked GTX1080 and beat stock GTX1080 – that is amazing!

    I am not surprised at RX Vega 56 performance, my most recent 4K benchmark showed RX Vega 56 to be on par with GTX1070 Strix. I sold that Vega anyway, because it was "hard to maintain and control" – i am sure Vega users know what i am talking about…

  26. why did you make a video comparing the 1070ti to the vega 56 and include overclocking 1070ti but not overclocking the vega 56?

  27. I really do like your reviews, but I feel you are a team green fanboy. And don't get me wrong, I have always been team green but you have to give credit where credit is due. Radeon Vega beats the stock 1070, which it's actually competing with. Sure, for a bit MORE money you can get the 1070ti but how unfair was this review? an OVERCLOCKED 1070ti which already costs more than the Vega 56, vs a stock Vega 56…of course it's going to win! Why don't you show a review of them both overclocked to give an actual fair comparison, because out of the box even your benchmarks showed the Vega 56 beat the 1070, which it's actually priced against. Stop with the bias man. They are both amazing cards, but the only fair comparison is non-overclocked vs non-overclocked, OR overclocked vs overclocked, not this biased crap you just did man. AMD hasn't released anything to go against the ti models yet, but even in YOUR reviews, the Vega 56 beats the 1070, albeit by 1%, and the Vega 64 beat the 1080 in most titles, but since the comparison wasn't about those cards I don't know by how much. Lets be fair man. Nvidia has been sleeping and AMD caught up.

  28. While in mining cryptonight algorythm the GTX i way behind. it dose 700h/s while the 56 does 2000!! thats a huge difference.

  29. RX vega 56 is better because its 6% less performance but 250$ less if you going for sync.

  30. I have a second generation i5, 8 GB of DDR3 memory and a 1060 6gb GPU and I get more fps than those shown here on hellblade, everything maxed.
    What is up with that?

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