The $150 Galaxy S8+ – Bluboo S8 Plus Unboxing & Benchmark Results

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The Unboxing of the Bluboo S8+ Smartphone.
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In this video i check out the Bluboo S8 Plus smartphone. This phone is powered by the MTK6750T CPU that’s paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. You can also check out the Antutu Benchmark and the Geekbench 4 scores.

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  1. Alex I am 20 years old, love to meditate and pray to God and am very afraid of women. Do you think it is fair of my part to be so reluctant to talk and even look at women?
    Actually I am very beautiful boy and some feel bad when I do not reply and turn away.

    Nice review by the way.

  2. Why do they make it so you can't change the launcher? Instantly puts me off the phone. At least give us the option to change if we want

  3. Like I tell you root and remove initiator. After you can use the launcher you want

  4. One of the best budget and suberb design phone
    Thanks man for bringing these type of viedoes

  5. thanx for a good review , and wish you a good and prosperous year of 2018.

  6. The design is very nice, better than the Redmi 5 Plus in my opinion.

  7. HI Alex….really good unboxing. I am always interested to see other phones that may not be as mainstream as others. In your opinion what has been the best phone you have used to date that takes excellent low light pictures? I love the Samsung Note 8 alot, but the price is really holding me back from purchasing it. The alternative would be a refurbished S7 Edge which in the past has received excellent reviews. Anyway, I always value your opinion. Thank you..Paul

  8. Is it just me or are there at lot of manufacturers that went backwards to 720p in 2017? I like the six inch screen size, but I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the "new normal" 18×9 ratio. I had never even considered the aspect ratio changing until LG and Samsung released their new phones earlier in 2017. Trends move so fast. I guess 16×9 will be considered retro styling from now on. 😀

  9. I used to own one, thank God I manged to sell at less than half price. It keeps on freezing and had to reboot every time. The sound quality is very bad and lacks base. They are claiming that the back camera is 16 Maga pixels but the photos quality and videos are horrible. It's a total waste of money and don't recommend buying.

  10. Alex you can always install a custom rom on the phone that can give you way better benchmarks and faster performance all with a different feel to the phone.

  11. If it wasn't for their crazy data mining and location tracking that goes on behind the scenes on these Chinese phones (not all) , I'd love to get a solid clone just to have as a throw around phone. But they way most of these companies make their real profit money from selling analytics to companies. The worst of them go way further with stealing personal information and keyloggers… I thought BLU was a viable option, but then all the bad press happened and them getting caught multiple times with their pants down, and yeah no more BLU for me!!

  12. Since it's bluboo, does it have malware like their other devices?

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