Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 2018 REVIEW – A good budget phone from Samsung!

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The review of the 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.
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Top 5 best Budget phones in 2018:

In this video I check out one of the latest budget friendly phones from Samsung, the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 2018.
The one in the video comes with the Exynos 7870 CPU and 4GB Ram and 64GB of internal storage.

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  1. Samsung is actually a shit though xiaomi is more affordable and good specs instead of it meizu or huawei would be better option

  2. That'a a shame that Samsung don't allow to use the SD card as storage.. I know why now Samsung work better on lineageos.

  3. So… Why should anyone buy this instead of, say, Galaxy S7, which is almost as affortable now?

  4. Ahmm. Is it alright for me to request that you review the xiaomi mi 6x?

  5. Samsung budget series always miss out on some important sensors… that's a real bummer.. camera is also average.. but separate slot for SD card s welcome… Hmmm but avg performer otherwise i guess.. nice review man.. covered every aspect

  6. A friend actually got this model and liked very much, great review.

  7. Samsung did a good job. They should put headphone jack at the top. Many people use phone lying in the bed using headphone

  8. Great phone but why they keep doing microUSB 2.0 connection? That's a big turn off for me ;-(

  9. Great video man, it’s really good to see a decent budget phone from a major manufacturer!

  10. Great camera and good Performance but maybe we can get more for this price..Great Review Alex..Keep it up..

  11. Good review! But I still want a Nuu Mobile G3! But this one looks great, but over my meager budget.

  12. What day is this phone releasing in the USA Like the Samsung Galaxy J7 prime 2 or a Samsung Galaxy J3 prime 2 or is coming to Metro pcs T-Mobile Sprint Boost Mobile Cricket wireless or At&t or Verizon Wireless what day is it releasing to The USA or Later this year 2018

  13. Hmmm that sample gameplay of PUBGMOBILE in J7Prime 2 looks struggling with that graphics I think its on HD graphics or it's just Smooth/Low?

  14. I'm kinda surprised by Samsung, but not in a good way. All they gotta do is repackage the s7edge and got a killer budget phone. Remove wireless charging, make a metal back cover to save on the cost, sell it for $230. Killer camera, killer display, killer battery power. I mean, even Apple gets it with the iphone SE.

  15. Ok Alex, what do you think should I buy as my backup phone?
    J7 Pro or J7 Prime 2?

  16. Hey Alex. Which chipset is better. Samsung's exynos 7870 or mediatek helio p20.

  17. or if you can add a little bit more and get an older lg flagship, the v20 is so cheap now you would be blind not to go for it considering how much it offers at such a low price range. better specs, more features and overall just worth the value. this is rubbish for $220 imo.

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