Ryzen + Memory Speed Benchmarks – Does Memory Speed Matter – Ryzen 7 2700x

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Today I go through four separate benchmarks at 1600MHZ, 2133MHZ, 2666MHZ and 3333MHZ on my 4x8gb 32GB kit of G.Skill Sniper X Memory. Ryzen architecture benefits heavily from faster memory and so I wanted to test the amount of which it improves performance. Cinebench R15 saw a linear increase in scores as we increase memory speeds (because it is a synthetic test). in Davinci Resolve 5 minute render test we saw a large increase from 1600MHZ to 2133MHZ, but after that It began to taper off. in both of our gaming benchmarks the memory speed did not seem to make much of a difference until we switched up to the vega 64 and the system became CPU bottlenecked and now the system benefited the most from faster memory speeds for kicking out high amounts of frames per second. moral of the story, know what you need and what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. enjoy!

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  1. Nice vid, I seemed to have missed your last few videos , do not know why but gonna catch up now . Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi. I also use the 3600 sniper x Kit. Can you tell me what Timings you use for 3333 mhz?

  3. Second video I have watched. Your content is top notch.

  4. I want to buy Gskill Ripjaws V 3200 Mhz 2×8 Rams for my 2600X. I'm using Gigabyte GA AB350 Gaming motherboard. Is there any inconvenient situtation here ?

  5. You need to include memory timings with your frequency levels – Computerbase.de in the 2700x review showed massive gains averaging about 15% going from 2933mhz CL16 to 3466 CL15 … results that mirror MindBlankTech on here, as well as a number of other testers who understand that the Ryzen platform typically sets RAM subtimings quite loose for initial compatibility issues, but sacrificing significant latency which affects the Infinity Fabric, particularly in games.

    Your Nighthawk RAM kit is presumably 16-18-18 thus Hynix based. You would see a marked increase moving up to Samsung Bdie and hitting 3200 CL14 with tight subtimings.

  6. Very helpful video! In 2016 I built a z170 system w/ 16gb 2400mhz RAM ($50) and an 8gb rx480 ($200)… I am hoping to upgrade to a higher core count Ryzen platform and take advantage of those lower prices that I paid for the system memory and gpu… I was skittish because of my RAM speed, but it sounds like its good as is or I can try to overclock it a little and I will be good to go! Cheers!

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