Ryzen 7 2700X vs. Core i7 8700K, 35 Game Benchmark

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Ryzen 7 2700X vs. Core i7 8700K, 35 Game Benchmark

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  1. Sir, you must eliminate the GPU bottleneck by using a Titan V! Like the idea? 😀

  2. You could make the AMD system even cheaper, pairing it with a B450 mobo

  3. No need to be torn.
    i7 8700K is better.
    You can also get stuff like three PCI-express 3.0 4x M.2 slots with Z370.

  4. 3 years for an upgrade. My 2600k is still my main rig. Sadness.

    Current rumour has it that Zen 2 will be a 12 core design. So that means that next years Ryzen 7 could be a 12 core. I think that might be a pretty tempting upgrade for many Ryzen 5/7 1000 or 2000 series owners.

  5. Just got my 2700x and gtx1080ti build today! Totally love it! 😀

  6. I'd pick 2700x cause the 8700k has a slight edge in gaming, that's really not noticeable to me and the 2700x has better multitasking

  7. You can easily install 2700X with stock cooler and run it on a 100S motherboard, and it will deliver same results. It saves 180 comparing to intel platform. AMD is less expensive and has a future upgrade patch. Why promote 7-10% difference as "ultimate gaming processor", especially that the bulk part of those numbers are pulled up by older titles (clearly promoting ipc and low thread), titles that can run on a potato like CS?.
    Overclocking i7 requires strong motherboard, and good AiO cooler. Drop them and compare. Honestly.
    This looks so forced to prove the idea of Intel's supremacy. Buldozzer days are over.

  8. So 2700x
    – cheaper,
    – consumes less power,
    – platform is cheaper and future proof,
    – performs roughly the same @1440p,
    – comes with decent cooler,
    – gives 2 additional cores as a bonus.

    i7 8700k
    – good for 144hz gaming…
    – consumes more power,
    – more expensive,
    – requires more expensive motherboard,
    – no cooler included (and even if there was it would be cheap garbage that throttles [email protected] stock)

    Seems to me that money saved by going ryzen being put into gpu/monitor is just vastly better choice than even touching whatever intel is producing… Knew i7-8700k is faster in gaming, did not expect the margin to be so tiny in the grand scheme of things tough. So when to think of it, the only processor from intel that is worth looking into atm is i5-8400 and that is for someone who just wants to assemble something that works well without tinkering…Cause r5 2600 oc is better than i5 8400, but requires overclocking hassle. Then i7 8700k is only worthwhile pick for 144hz gamers…
    2 CPU's that are worth it only under certain conditions… Well done intel. Ow how the mighty have fallen. Let's just hope intel will actually realize they are shit and lower their prices/release something worth the attention.

  9. appreciate these results, however they lean harshly towards the intel cpu. out of the box you cannot expect the 8700k to run at 5ghz. you will either need to mod it, or purchase a heavily overpriced pre-modded cpu.

    the 2700x however can easily be clocked at 4,2ghz with a moderate cooler (wouldnt try with the wraith prism eventhough that might work, just sound like an airplane liftoff)

  10. Why the hell would you bench them at 720p???? Why stop there and just go 480p while you're at it… LOL You should have at least swung back at the other direction and did 4k. I bet there are 1000x people using these processors for 4k than 720p.

  11. Downclock i7 – 8700 to 4.2Ghz and repeat all of the benchmarks

  12. Really wish we could see benchmarks while streaming, have herd it makes a difference

  13. While looking at the benchmarks and the high-end systems used, I wondered why 720p was included, while 4K was excluded form the results. Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that high-end gamers would play more games at 4K than 720p? I understand that games become GPU-bound at higher resolutions, but shouldn't this fact be a more significant factor to consider/compare, given the high likelihood of gaming at higher resolutions on high-end systems?

  14. Great video! I'm just wondering why 720p is tested with a 1080Ti.

  15. I can really relate to your agonizing between the two at the conclusion of the vid:

    The forward socket compatibility with AM4 really only appeals to the lower end of the market. If you are a high end user that upgrades often enough to actually see a benefit from this then the odds are you would probably upgrade to the newer chipset board too once then next Ryzen generation drops. For a user running an R5 2400g on a B350 board it makes a lot more sense, there is a lot of upgrade path available even now and even more to come if you hold off on an upgrade till the next gen drops.

    Unfortunately first gen Ryzen boards are still plagued with compatibility issues, I see a fair number of users upgrading to the 400 series boards just to get rid of some of the bugs still present on the 300 series. In many cases still retaining their first gen Ryzen CPU. AMD really need to sort out the compatibility issues on the 300 series but given they have launched the 400 series now I don't see how that would make much sense for them to do it, leave it broken and get 400 series sales. Money first. The bugs are not present on all setups so leaving about 1 – 5% of your customer base high and dry isn't going to be a huge PR hit, especially when the majority of the reported issues are simply RAM not running at their full XMP rating. From a purely business standpoint that is the only viable option.

  16. My Computer
    Gtx 1080 msi armor
    I7 8700k
    Masterliqiud 240 cooler
    16gb ddr4 3000mhz
    Gigabyte z370p d3
    650g+ EVGA gold psu
    120gb Kingston sad
    2tb hdd
    Nzxt 340 elite red

    Proper beast

  17. Great video, I totally love the new updated form. @Steve any chance to have the same performance comparison between 2600x and 8600k?

    Best wishes.

  18. Hi Steve
    What is not really being compared are the differences between the two motherboard architectures and bios settings. I expect that in a few months new gpus used against the identical to platforms you built for the comparisons will produce again, different results, possibly in favor of ryzen. I am waiting for some you AMD graphics cards to be used with the AMD systems. I am very much and open source proponent and in that regard I favor AMD graphics cards.

  19. when u say "ill going for 8700K for gaming" then i trust you and i go for it aswell, anyway im happy with my 1700X

  20. Both are great chips but with dealing with temps that 8700K will need to be delided just to keep that temp under control. The 2700X works great out of the box with the stock cooler. No issues what so ever atm and is running with a ASUS Crosshair VII & EVGA GTX 1080 Ti KINGPIN.

  21. it's a sad sight seeing all the tech youtubers having to carefully choose their words even when intel is winning in some games after the past couple of years of them knowing how crazy amd fans are, they know if they just say 8700k won by 10% in this game, the amd fan boys won't take it, they have to word it like 8700k "only" won by 10%, anything short of that, then your videos are gonna get disliked like crazy.

  22. I would love to see a comparison with equal clock speeds, would be more interesting, but still good video 🙂

  23. I would love to see a multi tasking benchmark: gaming, streaming, YouTubing/something else at the same time.

  24. Can this pc play 1080p/1440p max settings in most games, any specs i Need to upgrade?

    Phanteks Eclipse P400 Glass Corsair TX550M, 550W PSU Intel Core i7-8700K Processor Corsair Hydro Series H60 CPU Cooler MSI Z370 Gaming Plus, Socket-1151 Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 16GB Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Dual OC Samsung PM981 SSD 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5'' HDD

  25. Honestly a bs review, for a good comparison both CPUs must be the same clock to compare the technology. The ryzen 2700x goes to 5.8ghz in LN2. Im sure you can get 5ghz on aio. Intel pawn?

  26. Upcoming benchmark in Techpowerup forums will include I7 8700K VS Ryzen 7 2700X in workstation and productivity benchmarks. I will inform.

  27. 720P and CSG WTF the two should have been reviewed years ago and not with todays processors. And to OC Intel to 5? Gaming companies are saving money by not utilizing multicore. SPEAK UP AND DEMAND TO KNOW WHY THEY DONT CODE FOR THE HARDWARE OF TODAY. SINGLE CORE GAMING 2018 WTF

  28. I would go for the 2700x because you get more cores and threads, comes with a cooler and is overall cheaper. If the price of the 8700k was the same as 2700x, i7 would've been a better choice but i would save money and go with AMD.

  29. All cpus give the same frame rate, 60 hz (see what I did there?)

  30. Does the Ryzen 2700x perform well using DAWS for music production, preferably Ableton and FL Studio? I assume the i7 8700k performs better when overclocked due to higher single core clocks, but is the R7 2700x still a good pick? Or is the i7 8700k far superior in this field?

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