Ryzen 5 1600 vs i5 8400 | Meltdown & Spectre Update | New Games Benchmarks

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Ryzen 5 1600 vs i5 8400 | Meltdown & Spectre Update | New Games Benchmarks

In this Video I’ll Show You Workstation and Gaming Benchmarks of intel Core i5-8400 and amd Ryzen 5 1600 (Both Paire with GTX 1080 Ti)

System Specs
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @3.8GHz
MSI B350 Gaming Mobo
16GB DDR4 RAM @ 3000MHz

intel Core i5-8400 @ 3.8GHz
MSI Z370 PRO Mobo
16GB DDR4 RAM @ 3000MHz

Zotac GTX 1080 Ti
(GeForce Graphic driver 388.71)

1080p Gaming Test :

Fortnite Battle Royale
Destiny 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Call of Duty World War 2
Wolfenstein 2
Middle-Earth : Shadow of War
Evil Within 2
Battlefield 1
Deus Ex : Mankind Divided
Mass Effect : Andromeda
PlayerUnknown’s : BattleGround
Hitman 2016
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Grand Theft Auto 5
The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
Rainbow Six Seige
Total War : Warhammer

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  1. 1600 is a beast. 2600 probably its a monster with the high clock

  2. i5-8400 has 4Ghz speed not overclocked, why 3.8Ghz in your test? o.O You overclock AMD but down clock Intel? Maybe I'm missing something.

  3. Amigo podrías colocar el porcentaje % de uso del CPU, yo prefiero ryzen es más barato y es muy bueno para tareas pesadas.

  4. As you see the benchmarks it's very close, I remember that ryzen was 20% behind on most games when it launched. Now it's very close, little difference and intel fanboys still bitching…

  5. Ryzen 5 1600 all the way, what memory speed have you tested this on Ryzen? 2133?

  6. Somebody talk to me and he said: Intel has problems, so what? Don't tell me to use AMD.

  7. I5 8400 is better but it is more expensive I3 8350k have the same price with ryzen 5 1600 and the same performance.

  8. Ryzen 1600 can overclock which will be really good also runs better on fast memory and motherboard are cheap

  9. we will see how the intel i5 8 generation behaves vs the new Apu of Ryzen 5-2400G 169 $

  10. Did you used a high refresh rate monitor for this benchmark ?

  11. Well here in india i5 8400 is 14400
    And r5 1600 is 16300
    I5 is cheaper than r5 idk why

  12. Now gaming and streaming at the same time would be good benchmark too and not woth 1080ti but 1070/1070ti or even 1060 6gb thats a good pairing i think :p

  13. To get a intel processor you need to pay +30% to get a z370 MoBo, a MoBo focused on features you cant even use on that processor, and the only thing you are getting is a +8% performance overall in gaming. For the FIRST time AMD is a clear winner in the 1200vs8100 and the 1600vs8400 markets. Intel fanboys get over it please. Is it because you guys bought one of this and you don't wanna feel ripped off or why are you even arguing? The numbers are very obvious: Yes intel has better performance but its just not worth the price.

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