Ryzen 3 2200G vs Pentium G5400 | Far Cry 5 | GTX 1060

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  1. Pentium Dual Cores shouldn't have a purpose now that Ryzen 3 is here. 4 cores vs 2 cores is a no brainer. Especially desktop use alone would be worth it.

  2. Ryzen 3 wins, 2 extra cores and stable. 2 cores are not so good anymore

  3. Set it on low for more accurate and less gpu bottlenecked results.

  4. $/performance Intel Pentium Gold G5400. A big win for Low budget gamers. ^.^

  5. Ryzen CPU 3.5 Ghz(where Turbo 3.7? ) and RAM 2400 Mhz OMG i am into nightmare!

  6. Guys pls. Spend a litte bit more money and get the i3 8100. Trust me, its worth it now when the prices are so close

  7. This is stock 2200g, overclock it and you have the performance of a 8100

  8. Intel is much better option retarded AMD fanboys ahhahahah Intel demolish shitty AMD cpu's.. Intel is best 🙂

  9. Honestly, I don't know how you can defend Ryzen, when difference is so so small between this two cpu's and Pentium g has less cores and costs less… If you want better performance, you should buy much better cpu and that is i3 8100 because Ryzen is worse than i3 8100 even overclocked… I understand, retarded amd fanboy will always defend his shitty product… It was same story with fake cores fx cpu… Phenom was better than FX…

  10. So if you dont mind spending $35 for 1-2 fps more in THIS game Ryzen wins lmao

  11. First step, explain why someone would buy a 70 $ CPU and put it together with a 300ish GPU. And have the money for 16GB. Makes no sense. 2nd, run it again: OC Ryzen & RAM, Test in 720p low to get real CPU comparison.

  12. Ok. Lets test ryzen with 2933-3200mhz ram and see the difference. Anyway i don't know where are most viewers come from, but the fresh g5400 is very expensive short after its launch. Only 10-15 euro difference in my region, so 2200g worth it better. Pentium runs 100% all day long and has no more room for future games while the little ryzen is a real quad core. G5400 will be a no brainer budget choice if it reaches the price of g4560, but currently it's an overpriced dual core.

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