Ryzen 3 2200G – $400 Build – Part 3 – BUILD VIDEO

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  1. Sir I'm building a PC with ryzen..2400g..should I wait for the new motherboards?

  2. Good budget build but would have chosen a case without a clear sidepanel, not really the type of hardware components you want to see especially the ketchup n mustard psu cables.

  3. Hey Tech Deals! How about a game review for PC Building Simulator?

  4. I love your build videos! If there's one thing I would add to this and other Ryzen builds with the boxed cooler is to reorient the AMD logo on the cooler. It requires you to remove the ring which snaps into place then unscrew 4 screws and turn it. Very easy and fixes the vertical logo.

  5. I love watching your videos. They've really helped me figure out what I want in a computer, and you're great at explaining things

  6. Love this channel !! best Guide on pc hardware ever! . Chose my SSD thanks to this channel and this guy !

  7. Out of the 60ish channels I sub to, yours is the only one i have selected the bell. Also, there is a combo on the Asrock ITX B350 that normally sells for $114 and the Ryzen 2200G for $194 or $184 after MIR. Hurry and link it so I can get you the kickback.

  8. Do you think you could make a 2018 version of gtx 1060 6gb vs 3gb? Like so he can see! (Love yout vids +1 sub)

  9. Hey there ,
    I need your help , while i was. Installation a clean windows 10 in my pc i was not able to install windows because it says your drive is in mbr type and needed to convert to gpt . I was so mad it made me complesory to delete data on the hhd will you guide what is this and how to avoid uefi!!

  10. Okay just ordered this build for the kids. (Mostly) kind of kicking my self for not getting the 5 but they won't know for a while. Thank you for your content. It has been so helpful. PS. I did use your link

  11. Can do review on Aigo 500W 80 Plus Bronze Full Modular Power Supply

  12. Techdeals Hi the ram link above leads to an Intel version of the DD4 ram. Does it make a difference rather not it is Intel labeled or AMD Ram? Or will any RAM work as long as it is ddr4?

  13. How do i get the support from AMD to get the motherboard to work, should i go in their website to check it or something else?

  14. one of a few channel that doesnt contain a vacum cleaner comercial, keep it up

  15. Can U ( anyone ) HELP me out ? I was all ready to bite-the-bullet and go for the new Ryzen 2400G. I'm in the middle of a "House Clear-out" and have just "found" a BRAND NEW & UN-OPENED "MSI R7850 2GB DDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card" … I now have a Conundrum ! ! Which is the "MORE POWERFUL" SETUP ?? The "newer" 2400G or the "Found" 7850 paired with a Ryzen 1500X ? ? … DOH ! ! … GR8 Channel. I am Sub'd. ATB from Scotland.

  16. Do you lose any performance building with a mini itx board versus a micro atx board?.

  17. Great video once again. Just would like to know if there is any other way to upgrade bios, without having to contact amd?

  18. Any news on when we can expect to see these Apu in laptops

  19. PLEASE READ THIS! In your "LIVE: PC Giveaway, TechDeals, News and Ryzen Redux" video you mentioned this:
    You state that "these hitches on intel side don't show up in benchmarks, even the 0.1% frame times don't show it, but look how nice and smooth it is on ryzen side"
    You do know you can absolutely record it and show it? You can use FRAPS benchmark mode to record how long each frame took to render, thus giving you every single frametime. This is saved in a text file which can easily be sorted in a excel graph or programs made to sort it to display you a nice picture of the frame times over a long period of gameplay. I am talking frame times over the course of 10-30 min, showing every spike and every stutter.
    So there you have it, it's absolutely possibly to measure smoothness and performance over long periods of gameplay and point out "see this CPU sutters far more often than this other one, see how this 1 frame took 30X longer to render, while this other CPU didn't deviate from the norm as much"

    So please if you want to actually prove something use this simple method and show graphs to prove something with facts not just "muh feels tell me something is smoother, take my word for it"

  20. I have a quick question, Ryzen 3 2200g supports for RAM speed is only 2667MHz. So why do we need to buy a 3200MHz RAM?

  21. Do wish you gave a heads up. Would have went with the 5. But got the last parts today so sticking with the 2200. Still want to say thank you for the series.

  22. Thanks for these video series. Just bought parts for a ryzen 3 2200 build. First pc build ever and your videos saved me money bc after watching I was confident enough to assemble myself and I have a buddy helping with installing os and drivers etc. so again thanks. Awesome videos. Very very informative!!!

  23. how about a ryzen 5 apu builds with future upgrade paths with bench marks for a 3 – 5 year upgrade plan maybe?

  24. Hey ! I have just one question about the Ryzen second generation^^
    I must update the BIOS of my Motherboard?
    Actually, I have the MSI B350M BAZOOKA and I don't know if i must update the BIOS… :/
    Can you help me please? It's urgent ! πŸ™
    Thank's !

  25. I'm looking to build my first game PC, all the channels on YouTube, this channel is the best I've come across. very informative and easy to understand, even for some one who is about to build his first PC.
    Peace out.
    subscribed and liked

  26. Man, how I wish you could still make use of the integrated graphics card even if you install a dedicated one. Imagine how awesome would it be to be able to have a "crossfire" going on with your iGPU and dedicated GPU, improving overall performance even if it's just a 30 – 50% increase.

  27. Thank you so much. I think. I might do this build. I have an i3 gt730 build right now. It’s an old prebuilt.

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