Ryzen 3 1200 + GT 1030 Test in 8 Games (Combo for $160)

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Ryzen 3 1200 3.8 GHz OC
MSI GT 1030 2GB OC
8GB DDR4 – 2400MHz

1-Battlefield 1 00:06
2-PUBG 01:37
3-GTA 5 03:26
4-Far Cry Primal 05:39
5-Hitman 06:49
6-Rainbow Six Siege 08:40
7-Rise Of The Tomb Raider 10:05
8-The Witcher 3 11:26


  1. This is what budget pc gaming has come to, if you want to buy brand new. Great video as always.

  2. WTF either the video has been reused or he pirated games, or has not been updating rainbow six siege, that Menus are from like year one.

  3. I don't use sdd to play pubg and i have problems and bugs with the texture load…. teste a i3 3240 + 1050 2gb.. Bug loading textura.. Why? Is Cpu no?

  4. Nice vid. Great for any kid that just wants to play the game!

  5. Make Ryzen 5 2400G vs A10 7890k and i7 4790 vs ryzen 7 1700x.

  6. I think the performance on GTA V is because the CPU is not very important on this game and the R3 1200 has the 1030 enough to make it shot in the correct way

  7. My favourite channel for benchmarks but this frames aren't normal.I have 1030 and even worst CPU(which is bottleneck) but i get much higher FPS

  8. Could I request that you do GTX 1060 vs GTX 1070 on 1440p modern games??

  9. i hav call of duty and csgo benchmark for ryzen 1200..do check out if you want

  10. What is the program to show gpu model, fps, and the cpu usage?

  11. Looks like the 1030 is still a bad value in most cases still. Guess the 1050 is still better value.

  12. Yep, definitely my next combo… Thx for the benchs, very much appreciated

  13. Excellent video. Good to see you moving away from the chart slides in favor of actual gameplay.

  14. I remember when budget was an H.D. 5450 and it was 65$ or something around there and it got like 6fps in every title. Budget gaming is getting good. That GT 1030 is beating an Xbox one at 37 FPS. Xbox one is usually 35 from what I’ve noticed and captured on my one s so that’s awesome for an 80$ gpu

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