Ryzen 2600X Benchmarks With Budget Graphics Cards!

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The Ryzen 2600X Benchmarks are here! This is how the Ryzen 2600X runs with budget graphics cards!

Ryzen 2600X:

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  1. i really love this channel….but here in jamaica there are very low pc gamers and everything is expensive so i wentt the other road and got a ps3 with 3 controller cod mw3,uncharted 3, dragon ball xenoverse, need for speed cod bo2, was it worth it???? of course it was

  2. Which is better ryzen 5 2600 , 2600x or i5 8400 for gaming and all other purpose ?

  3. hey bro would u recommend a laptop with a touchscreen that can game as well like at least a gtx 1050 or 1050 ti or more without breatking the bank cuz i know the only one that has done this so far is a razor wich is doing it at a stupid price no one wants 4k just make 1080 touchscreen and gtx 1060 and i would be perfectly happy. If not what laptop bang for buck would u recommend at around 1000 please answer i really want to konw

  4. Nice job on 10K Zach, though, we all know you deserve much more than that!
    Also a fantastic video, as always!

  5. What was the point?? Lol… Those are just GPU benchmarks, you haven't tested the CPU at all… There's a reason people use a 1080 ti to test CPUs with… Lol.

  6. Damn man. You really get into things no one gets into. Keep that budget pc building up man!

  7. Not sure why you said you expected more out of the 2600x in far cry 5. It was clearly gpu bound as you had even scaling in fps all the way up…

  8. I'd like to see a video how much you have to spend for a proper cooler for the Ryzen 5

  9. Good vid to rock my coffee out to. I'm building a 2600 rig with my boss so I'm glad others are digging the 2600 as well. How do you like that NXZT case? He picked the same case too. I was concerned about no included fans.

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