RX 560 4G vs GTX 1050 Ti Fortnite

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  1. Yeah, the problem with this review is it looks like AMD is winding down production of RX 560! One UK retailer has removed all the 560 SKUs from their website.

  2. You should have just played a replay to keep the benchmarks similar.

  3. Video fake! Night sitting and Wath dogs 2 (is Ubisoft optimization ! And 1050 laptop = 40 fps ahaha. You only 1060 laptop =40. 1050  4gb =1030 Pc gtx.   1050Gb(4) laptop use 720p The wisher 3 night 35-40 fps

  4. When I kill a really shitty default sometimes I’ll think if it’s someone running benchmarks like this

  5. well that is kinda cheating everywhere with 2Gb vs 4Gb cards that they lower down texture , well what's the meaning of this if you can't get the extra advantage on that 4Gb vram

  6. in a nutshell it depends on the titles you are playing, these benchmarks are becoming pointless because some game are more optimized for AMD an others for Nvidia.

  7. I think 560 will be better on the next 2 years cuz of amd finewine

  8. Fortnite : Its meant to be playing
    cause i had 1050 2gb and it works pretty well in fortnite 🙂

  9. color and animation in RX 560 its better than GTX 1050 TI

  10. Con la 1050 ti y los gráficos todo en alto ,puedes tener de 80 a 70 fps

  11. Why make this video?

    GT1030 vs RX550
    GTX1050 vs RX560
    GTX1060 vs RX580

    The 1050Ti was only made to beat the RX560 but cos 25% more. This comparison is pointless. The RX570 came out at the same price as the 1050Ti's retail for now, and the RX570 is double the performance of the GTX1050Ti.

    This channel is ridiculous. I have no idea why I subbed in the first place! LOL

    See ya x

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