Redmi 5A – Redmi 4a Differences, Redmi 5A Gaming, Benchmarks Camera Test

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Redmi 5A :
Redmi 4A :
We test the camera and several other things on the Redmi 5A
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  1. Sir compare it with redmi4a please
    Like camera test and is it good for vidoe record is it same like redmi note 4 plz reply

  2. Hey iGyaan, exactly when in December is the LG V30 Launching in India ?
    Feels like eternity since it was unveiled globally, but after so many months its still not available, if the launch has been postponed again, i will be definitely going for s8plus, as already LG is too late, please reply.

  3. which is the second game bharat is playing….??? anybody….???

  4. 1st booting Phone how much free ram rom 2 gb out off —–
    ?and 16 gb out of—–

  5. Hey Bharat can you make a video for V-moda crassfade 2 wireless..

  6. can u suggest me how can i get letv 1s only screen digitizer but not with combo

  7. When Compared to Honour 7x back nd Frnt Cameras…….Is Honour 8 cameras perform Better or Not????

  8. Hey IGyaan Mai ek student hoon , p.g Kar Raha hoon, Apke paas toh bahut sare smartphone hai, toh kya aap Mujhe ek gift Kar sakte ho? Honor 7X , Mi A1, Oneplus 5T yeh phones Mai afford nehi Kar Sakta, ap ek gift Karona sir

  9. Sir I m not a heavy user
    I use snapchat, instagram, twitter,
    And I watch movies on YouTube
    I play games like clash of clans and 8 ball pool
    So can I take this phone or not

  10. memory language ideal evolve until legislation visit intention approximately series

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