Rambus Pentium III in 4K 60FPS Video Test – Samsung Galaxy 9+

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Test recording with my Galaxy 9+ in 4K 60FPS mounted on my selfie stick. This setting should yield about 4 hours of record time using a 128GB micro sd card. Right now the camera is limited to 5 minute clips when recorded at this setting.

I noticed that the 1080P 60FPS was limited to 10 minutes. Some speculate it is due to the chipset heating up too much when recording for extended periods of time. I don’t know about that since the recording can be paused, which i like and will save me some editing time. I hope a future update to the phone will remove the time limitation but for what I do on this channel it should still be ok. I also have a Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal on the way which will turn this thing into a professional grade setup with all of the fancy controls. I just hope the app for the Gimbal doesn’t suck as much as people seem to be saying it does. But software can always be updated, a good working and functional Gimbal is what I am after. 2 minutes recorded 4K @ 60FPS ends up with a file size of about 1GB. I figure with a 128GB card I should be able to get around 4 hours, less because of formatting size changes. Although with the 5 minute clip limitation, splicing those clips together could suck, but for this channel’s content, it shouldn’t be too bad actually since I don’t plan on more than say 10 minutes at the most of video footage per video which then gets added to by benchmark and game footage.


  1. 4k30 would have better quality if you use CRTs. But a capture card would never replace even a good camera.

  2. Impressive to see a Slot 1 plattform with rambus memory!

  3. Seeing that "Compaq" logo… you're sure this isn't one of the machines where Compaq, in their infinite greed, only allowed special "Compaq-firmware" SCSI drives to work with the system? Could explain the error you're getting if the drive you're using there is a "generic" SCSI one (assuming you set SCSI IDs correctly – read: no ID clash with the HBA or CDROM – and also terminated all the right places).

    Other than that: Wow… that's the very first Pentium III RAMBUS system I ever saw. All I ever crossed ways with were Pentium 4 machines (800MHz RAMBUS if I recall correctly). Nice to finally see one of these "mystical" things. 😉

  4. awesome i cant wait. i just picked up a asus p3c-d i820 rambus dual p3 board new open box. same boat in testing. sure the scriptures put the i820 as the inferior one compared to the i840 but i cant wait to see your outcome. either way both were considered overkill but we shall see. also hear that agp4x slot is supposed to be better then a reg 4x slot.

  5. Didn`t know Pentium III motherboards used Rambus. looks like a nice project. Video from that phone looks great

  6. Make sure you are setting the jumpers correctly on your IDE master/slave devices if they share the same IDE cable

  7. Nice interesting HW! And nice 4K and it sounded really decent 🙂

  8. I'm using h264ify, so I can use my GPU to decode, but, it looks crisp as heck dude!

  9. My Quadro 5800, has a excellent support bracket.
    But they dont sell new "gaming" cards that actually would really get alot of use out of some support…

  10. Oh man, that phone has a nice camera. Even at 720p it the footage still looks great.

    About RAMBUS, was Intel the company to use it for their x86 CPUs? I know some specialized workstations from Sun and the like probably used it, but I haven't heard of any AMD systems using it. I do wonder what'd happen if you put a Cyrix/Via C3 in there with a slotket adaptor though.

  11. I'd say it looked good, but unfortunately this laptop only goes up to 1600×900 for dumb reasons, it looks fine at that resolution anyway, the color is good and things look sharp enough. There seem to be a lot of dual CPU machines being put together lately, not that this is a bad thing at all.

  12. At 1080/720 would be fine. We like longer videos.=) That camera is crystal clear probably at any resolution.

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