RAM Companies Making 50% Profit & i9-9900K Benchmarks

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• 0:45 – Nokia & T-Mobile Massive 5G Deal:
• 1:30 – Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom:
• 2:33 – Pixel 3 XL Leaks:
• 3:20 – Thunderbolt on Threadripper:
• 4:19 – YouTube Dark Mode for Android:
• 4:43 – Threadripper 2 CA Pricing:
• 5:38 – DRAM Pricing May Drop in 2019:
• 7:03 – ASUS Lists Z390 Motherboards:
• 8:37 – i9-9900K Leaked Benchmarks:

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    0:45 – Nokia & T-Mobile Massive 5G Deal
    1:30 – Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom
    2:33 – Pixel 3 XL Leaks
    3:20 – Thunderbolt on Threadripper
    4:19 – YouTube Dark Mode for Android
    4:43 – Threadripper 2 CA Pricing
    5:38 – DRAM Pricing May Drop in 2019
    7:03 – ASUS Lists Z390 Motherboards
    8:37 – i9-9900K Leaked Benchmarks

  2. Wonder if Intel will include a decent cooler with the i9-9900K retail package or not. Price-wise, the gap is currently pretty significant. Right now the i7-8700K on Amazon sits at $348 and the 2700X is $330. But the Intel box doesn't include a cooler while the AMD box does (and its even decent). So add another $25 to the difference (at a minimum). $348 – $330 + $25 = $43. For standard overclocking.

    Intel is going to have a hard time charging more for their i9-9900K if it's only ~15% faster than the 2700X, and, presumably, eats a ton of watts to get there. Obviously we can clock the Intel faster, people have reported 5.3GHz is fairly easy to achieve on the 8700K, but very few people are going to try to do actual work on such a beast if it has to pull 275W+ from the wall to get there.

    These higher clocks only make sense on a new node. Trying to push the envelope at 14nm is just a waste of time.


  3. ram prices are bad for you but for my DDR3L B150 system it's selling for $15-$20 for a 4gb stick. if I can hack my bios to run 9000 series chips then I'll be set for a few more years.

  4. Dude you are comparing two totally different levels of cpus. You are comparing top end cpu with little lower side, compare i9 with threadripper

  5. but but will it need a nuclear plant to power it and cool it ? and will it cost less then 1k $ ? the i9 consumer proc

  6. the i9-9900k will be bank compared to ryzen's 2700x anyway, not even a dream for some people

  7. You do realize Canadians watch your show? Maybe don't insult a whole country without a joke around it.

  8. And so it should. It will cost 2 or 3 times the price of a 2700x. Just not the performance……

  9. Would intel 8th generation mobo support intel 9th gen cpus ? What do u think ufd tech ?

  10. Nowere near destroying…
    And at that price preformance
    I dont think that shakes anything at all.

  11. The price of RAM and GPU have made me hold off, upgrading my 104month old system. That has served me well and will have to for a little longer.

  12. commies complaining about RAM shouldn't do tube shows where you make money.

  13. I think you didn't like AMD and trolling them.This comparison isn't correct difference class and price. Ryzen 7 = i7 and TR = i9. And compare new TR(7nm) vs NEW i9

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