Radeon R9 390X vs GTX 1060 vs GTX 970 in 10 Games

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  1. R9 390X Faster then GTX 1060? Haha Nvidia Big Fail @ DX12

  2. I bought a gtx 970 strix oc 2 months ago for 110€.. Overclocked @ 1560 mhz coreclock / 4200 mhz Memoryclock.. :D.. I think the Performance is close to the 1060..?!

  3. I don't believe in these benchs, the R9 390x is paired with a GTX 980, those numbers are wrong

  4. I think AMD should push for Vulkan in some games just as Nvidia did with DX11

  5. Thanks for the compare of the cards.

    My 390x card is churning out way more FPS in most of the games listed here but mostly because even though I like to max out the settings to ultra I will turn the shadows down to high and get rid of motion blur and AA to 4x which seems to raise the fps quite a lot. In a game like new tomb raider 1080p it hits 92-137fps never below 70fps. In GTA V with a mix if settings highest & shadows just high but [email protected] it ranges from [email protected] depending on what you are doing. In the new middle earth highest settings 1080p always above 85fps but I did turn shadows down one notch but had res scaling locked at 1080 or off so it is locked at 1080p & AA was 4x then again my card is clocked in at 1236 core and 1702mhz memory so that helps a lot as well. All I know is a 970 should not be even close.

    I don't have PUBG or hitman or the new Assassins game so no clue how it would perform. I do have the new wolf game and it hits 150-200FPS a lot of the time except for this one area it dipped down to 85fps as you walked through it not sure what happened there probably more related to the rest of the system such as the cpu or memory speed you could get it to repeat it every time it would stutter a bit and quickly dip down then back up again as you went through.

    This is from in game playing not the built in bench testers maybe not sure how much that matters but I don't put to much stock into the testers since to me it is more important to see how my hardware performs while I am in the game & playing it. If I get huge slow downs or even some stutters here & there I am on the quest to find out why and can fix it 95% of the time with a few tweaks.

  6. 390X is majestic and so is it's TDP unfortunately. Thanks for including the card, I've almost forgotten about it's existence which is a shame 🙂

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