Pentium G5400 vs i3-8100 vs Ryzen 3 2200G Best Budget CPU for gaming in 2018

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  1. Comparing them with Stock Speed would be helpful too. Not everyone is gonna do overclocking and some dont want to mess with that at all.

  2. dual cores tem dificuldade pra empurrar acima dos 100 fps.

  3. There's no reason to get the 2200g if you're gonna pair it with a gpu

  4. Hello from russia. I think in this situation ryzen 3 2200g is better. Because you saved dollars and can buy good videocard like a gayforce 1060 or amude radeon 580. Because it has 4 real cores and you can play in modern Games

  5. If i choose cpu with just three there, i will choose 2200g

  6. Bro can you make a video on the ryzen 3 2200g -stock vs OC

  7. Guys think smarter and get a b360 with i3 8100.

  8. Fake el i3 Le saca como 35 fps más al ryzen
    Ya en muchos benchmarks se a demostrado

  9. Look apus with graphic card it reduces some of fps because of PCI try ryzen3 1200 with 1060 ti it will give u a different result

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