PC Builder Plays PC Building Simulator – LIVE

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  1. I think i won the silicon lottery with my ryzen 2700x because i got it to 4.0ghz at 1.175v then i went to 4.3 at 1.375v and then 4.4ghz at 1.4v and then a crazy 4.5ghz at 1.42v!!! I do not think anybody has gotten over 4.3ghz

  2. I can't believe I sat through this entire video. The entire 1 hour 45 minutes and 29 seconds worth. Watching Jay build a computer on a computer while watching it from my computer. I guess I enjoy building computers and watching Jay sit and talk about it for almost 2 hours on a PC building simulator.

  3. If they started restricting hardware with gaming, it would kill PC gaming. We'd have to have a lot of money to constantly buy parts. Switch parts for certain games. We'd end up having to play on consoles vomits in mouth

  4. rip. watches jays videos often. misses out on a giveaways cus I'm an Aussie

  5. Really so fun to watch. Like how you just have all this random knowledge that you toss out without even thinking about it.

  6. I'm watching this because I can't even run fortnite with my current pc, I get flippin' 18fps at low settings.

  7. insight into Jay's hatred for people. i love you more for this.

  8. Jay needs one person whos sole job is to tell people to "It will be done when its done" when someone asks about the post malone build.

  9. People send a computer a repair shop to get a shop warranty or can place blame on someone else if it doesn't work

  10. Thanks Jay now I have too go out and spend $30 more on more damn games I don’t need!! Seriously, thanks for being there I’m glad there are people on YouTube that are showing people that pc gamers still exist. And all the noobs that it can be just that easy too do themselves.

  11. How to explain this video to someone that don't know JayzTwoCents.
    I just watch a 2 hours video from my PC a guy that builds PC's who played a game at his PC that you build, you guess it… PC !

  12. Anyone else gotten stuck on the level 2ish area where you are suppose to replace a shean power king 200 with a shean power king 600? I can't get it to remove it it just glitches when i highlight it and i have removed everthing it will allow me to remove and still can't remove the power king 250!!

  13. Thank you for answering my question once more, Jay. I got the Corsair Slate in my mind to do my overkill Loop build but need an plan B if Slate won't get released, Caselabs is totally a great Plan B.

  14. i really need a gtx 1050ti please can you give me jay i dont have money

  15. Dont you build enough PC in real life? You got to do it virtually now? lol….

  16. beer bongs and Bentleys have been released, where the Post Malone build?

  17. I say keep doin that with your giveaways, don't mention it in the title. Then those who have a chance at winning will be your true viewers & not just people hunting free shit.

  18. The ghost s1 ist not out yet. There is no final case, because they changed the aluminum supplier to get a better quality product. So they are not able to send you the silver one.

  19. I enjoy these PC building game streams, keep'em comin' if possible 🙂

  20. Uhhhh can I get some help pls…well I don't know how to tell if a GTX 1070 will bottle neck with a ryzen 5 1400

  21. Wish I could just play some games stupid arma 3 has fried 2 of my graphics cards in under a year. So done with pc gaming it’s great but I just can’t afford to get a new card every 6 months:((

  22. I had a bunch of parts laying around just did a s340 with my original Ryzen 1700 and wraith prism from my 2700x. Smoking fast gt710 I found in a box 😉

  23. After watching your last live stream, I went and downloaded the PCBS (HA) I have now lost 17 hours of my life and going to lose more. Thanks, JayzTwoCents. P.S. love your channel.

  24. Nonton youtube di komputer build di komputer dan konputer lagi

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