OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 5t (CAMERA TEST REVIEW!)

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OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 5t CAMERA COMPARISON Review! OnePlus 6 Full REVIEW After 5 Days has been done! So has the Oneplus 6 UNBOXING & First Impressions hands on REVIEW! This video is my full review of the oneplus 6 camera hardware and software! From the live official Launch on may 16th, we know the price, specs / specifications all now confirmed! Release launch date 22nd May, android p confimed! Not too many surprises! So…..ladies and gents…’s here the comparison between the oneplus 6 and oneplus 5t camera review!

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  1. please bro my contact number 9940562648 so please gift for me oneplus 5t

  2. i very want to win OnePlus 6 because i like the processor is very fast and the oxygen os is very beautifull plus the camera is good.

  3. Great comparison, keep up the vids. Why would I want to win?? Because I could have a different case each day of the week!!!

  4. Can you please tell me what’s the theme in the background ?

  5. I want it cause i just love OnePlus. You rock!! Keep uo the great vids. <3

  6. Love your vids! Thanks for the producing great content. I would love to win the OnePlus accessories because I always seem to be a loser on these contests. I'm due for a new phone and really want a OnePlus, but I have been on the fence sine the 5T came out. If I win, that will push me over the edge to have to buy the OnePlus. As proof I'll give you a huge shout out from twitter with a picture of my new phone with all the gear from your contest. Thanks again for the great videos.

  7. I would like to win this give away for 2 reasons. I'm probably the biggest oneplus fan in Pakistan. The phone is not available here officially so I spend alot of money to buy it almost the double its actual amount. The only problem is no one sells its accessories here and that is a bummer. Already booked my oneplus 6 from an importer, would be great to have those accessories. 🙂
    Qasim from Pakistan

  8. Hi. Didn't you mistaken the images?? because the ones on the left seem to be from Oneplus 6 since it saturates the color more…

  9. i like one plus 6 b'cas its slow motion ia great and also its camara quality and the beat part is that the combination of glass n metal in its body part

  10. I want to win cause It was thanks to your reviews of one plus that i decided to buy the OP6

  11. ASBYT# The one plus 6 is a newer device and have amazing specs in this price segment.

  12. I want the new op6 been using an almost 3 year old phone badly need an update.

  13. The phone is the best at its budget …jaw dropping performance
    The camera ,the speed ,display everything is lit!!

  14. Would love to win… Huge one + fan and getting the 6 as soon as I can afford it…

  15. I'd love to win because that 'pimply' case is just so awesome!

  16. im buying a oneplus 6 soon, and would quite like one of those cases, ive been working for it after watching your videos

  17. I would like the Oneplus 6, since my Oneplus 1 needs an upgrade! :p

  18. Hey there, I would really love to win the accessories. I have been sitting on my Iphone 5s for 4 years now I believe and I can't wait to go back to android and a better camera!! Ive been watching all your vids about the OnePlus6 and can't wait til the postman finally drops it off at my place (It's been 5 days since i odered).
    Greetings from Germany!

  19. Just looks like a overall solid phone. plus you put together a wonderful package as well.

  20. I've always been following oneplus, although you are not giving away a phone but accessories would be amazing too! Especially the hat, that looks sick!

  21. I just really want to win this one because i am buying a one plus 6 in the mid of june so i badly want this. Btw you are doing great mate, keep up with the good work.

  22. The reason why I want to win is because I just ordered a one plus 6!!!

  23. I really want this, never had some good phone. And yea, if I won, finally I would be able to take decent photos, and save my beautiful moments.

  24. I am using broken screen phone for past 1 years, that is why I want this, lol

  25. I have been looking for a replacement for my 4 year old Galaxy S5 and watching your review has made me decide on which phone to get. Unfortunately i have been holding off on getting the Oneplus 6 because the Nylon case is out of stock everywhere except in China. Nice goodies, I hope i get them 🙂

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