nVidia GTX 550 ti – $40 GPU can it still game in 2017 ?!

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Can this $40 dollar budget GPU still game in 2017, let’s check out the benchmarks ! Nvidia GTX 550 ti 1 GB is 6 years old now and it was on the low end at its launch, does it still have some life left in it? Lets find out!

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  1. What? i have got this GPU and i can run CSGO at about 100FPS Avg, GTA V at Normal settings full HD 55 avg (ryzen 5 1600 3.7, 8gb 2633mhz)

  2. I have this EXACT same video card in my 2nd PC.. Thinking about replacing it with a GTX 750ti, or 1050ti.. maybe RX560. Mostly just need something with more than 1GB VRAM the 550ti has.

  3. i play with mmi evga gtx 550ti of 2gb i only have 32/60 in mid/low but i only spend 160 dolars in 6 year in gpu =P now i dont now what card to buy mayde another and sli =P

  4. Nice fake… I have fx 4100 gtx 550 ti and in GTA V 1920×1080 low have 45 fps

  5. I've had the GTX 550ti for years playing mostly WoW, LoL, Overwatch and CS but also games like Farcry and Fallout. I recently bought For Honor and I was actually amazed that the GCU pulled it of so great. Now that the CoD WW2 beta released I could not play it. The recommended graphics was the lowest (render 10% and very low fps), but still it was laggy. Is this due to my 550ti or could it be the beta? Since it is working well in other games I am confused.

  6. What is the song playing at 1:25? Awesome video by the way. I just bought a zotac 550Ti to pair with my Q6600 and 6gb ram πŸ™‚

  7. I constantly game with the gtx 550ti its time for you to send me an upgrade <3

  8. I've recently got a Zotac GTX 550ti for free and it works great in an older AMD build. Mine is heavily modified with a after market Zalman (blooming flower GPU cooler) for a BTX designed motherboard from HP (space issues, Athlon 64 system). The one thing about the 500 series that is great is being more responsive/Faster in 2d applications. I tried using a Nvidia GT 730 2gig ddr 5, And or most other low end discrete graphics solutions. They ended up giving me very poor and slow results. It's actually not a bad GPU when used with these rare setups. I see the low end newer budget GPU's needing or expecting more from the CPU resources and the GPU offloading work to the processor. Thanks for reviewing this cool piece of tech!

  9. I have this and I play overwatch and terraria and they work just fine.

  10. I had geforce 405
    It was suffocating..
    Then i got 550 ti 1gddr5 for 25€
    It was WORTH IT.
    90 FPS on Overwatch.

  11. hi hi guys who can help… i'd like to buy it but i just want to know if my pc support it, OPTIPLEX 780 it is PCI Express

  12. Yeet i still use my GTX 550ti Over clocked to 120% its still a beast.
    i can play all those games while being very playable soo YEET!

  13. I have a Dell XPS 17 With a Nvidia GTX 550m that still runs current games great, some you have to tweak graphics to medium and turn down AA but it really still is going strong into 2017. Naruto Storm 4 runs amazing at 1600X900 at 30 fps. Tekkem 7 Runs at 60 fps at 1920×1080 at medium settings!! RE7 60 fps medium settings. Any mid to current game should run great on this gpu, and considering its a laptop its a great deal. On ebay it runs for $400 USD. I recommend downloading MSI Afterburner to really push this laptop to the limits! Might get high gpu temps, but get a cooling pad, recommend cool masters laptop cooling pad

  14. Im actually really suprised how well games run on your 550ti. Recently i tried to play doom and i had to pick the lowest possible settings, making the game nearly unreadable and was getting around 8fps.

  15. I3-4170 8gb ram gtx 550 Ti 1gb gddr5 GTA V 1360×760 high 60fps what?????? And pubg 720p low 36fps and CsGo max graphics 1280×1024 95fps

  16. i have beefy pc yet i love watching your videos even if its 550 ti, because technology is life :d

  17. I was thinking about giving my friend one as kind of a late Christmas gift (he currently has a GT 520 so basically ANYTHING would be an improvement) but yeah, going out of your way to buy one in 2017 probably isn't the greatest idea

  18. What about the 2GB version that comes Overclock from the box? And overclock it a lot more. I'd like to see that xD. Since I donated two of them about 5 years ago to two different people.

  19. I have a GTX 550ti with an i3 and 8GB of ram
    On overwatch I get 45-55 on available with a top of 70 and a low of 30

  20. Running a EVGA 2gb with my i7-3820, and the only game that gives me trouble to run is Forza Horizon 3 and even that runs at 1080p low. Albeit at sometimes sub 30, but in a racing game like that it isn't too terribly noticeable.

  21. Im have gtx 550ti , q8300 3ghz and 8gb ddr2 and in csgo fps Is around 110

  22. Wonder if the 2gb versions would be worth it. I'm picking one up today for $30 US

  23. Normally I enjoy your videos Timmy Joe but this video is utter garbage. My son's 550 Ti performs very well in Overwatch. He plays at 720p. And what is the snotty comment about people playing at 720p….I do not get this RESOLUTION mentality. If the gameplay is good and the story in the game is good what does 1080p resolution matter? I prefer substance over flash any day.

  24. Even though its not great today by my standards it gets the job done

  25. LOL , i don't even have a FULL HD … but i have the gpu πŸ™‚

  26. its pretty good i have a gtx 1080 but to say to a 550 i mean 720p and 1080p u cant tell a difference so buy it if you at least have a core i5 and above but to myself i have gtx 1080 ti,core i7 processor and i mean its good i think you should buy 550 if you have a corei5 and above!

  27. Great video! I know 1080p is the standard for PC nowadays, but I have an old HP 1440×900 monitor that works really well with a build I used a GTX 560ti in. It looks way better than 720p, and the card does perform much better at this resolution. Honestly, if this card can do better than 30FPS @ 900p for newish games, it’s just as good as a PS4 or Xbox one. Considering the whole build (first gen i5) cost $140, I think this older card can still do well if there is a little resolution compromise.

  28. i have a gtx 550 ti and it looks nothing like yours, its green not red and doesnt have a silver tube like that

  29. love these video's. being broke as fuk trying to find someone reasonable. almost bought this thing but not going too after seening this ty

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