Nvidia GTX 1050ti vs. GTX 750ti Comparison: Benchmarks, Gaming, GPU Compute

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It was time to upgrade my editing desktop’s GPU. For the past 3 years I have been using a GTX 750ti and, while it is still a great card for a daily driver, I was starting to experience frustration with it after upgrading to a 4K monitor. I needed a great card that would not break the bank and since I was really happy with the 750ti I purchased 3 years ago I decided to give its big brother a try.

In this video I will compare the Nvidia GTX 1050ti to the 750 ti to see what difference 3 years has made. I will run a serious of benchmarks along with a couple more pragmatic demos.

GTX 750ti review:

ASUS GTX 1050ti:

Cheaper alternative 1050ti: (this is the one I was originally planning on buying but it was on back order)

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  1. I guess the 1050ti would technically be the younger brother to the 750ti? Or maybe more like the younger cousin? Ehhh, it does not matter, you guys get the point.

  2. i would just lower the battlefield settings to the lowest possible, then you would probably have close to [email protected]….
    at least low settings did the trick for my laptop with 2 GT650Ms for Battlefield 1. I skipped BF4, but i really love BF3 (except the ugly Battlelog Browser interface which they only fixed for BF4)

  3. Why not the regular 1050? Do Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender benifit from the 4 GB of VRAM?

  4. I was planning on buying this card to replace my R7 360. At one point, my R7 broke down and I sent the card to service. They couldn't do anything to it, so they sent me an RX 460. It's a decent card, just a little under the 1050 Ti in terms of performance. Both cards are great for their price, ready for every kind of fanboy.

  5. everyone says i am dumb for buying a gtx 1050ti when i should have bought a gtx 1060 but i got the evga ssc 2 fan card for only $110 shipped in 2 days and i can play most games that i want at 1080p 60fps

  6. And older but newer brother, not to be rude. Only teasing matters

  7. Why not get an GTX 1070 or even 1080 ti for doing Video work. Think these video cards would be better for you, No???

  8. 1050ti is low end. mid end is the 1060. you know that because the 1060 is half as fast as the highest end solution (excluding titans). you can hardly call something considerably slower than high end solutions from 2 generations ago (780ti >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1050ti) "mid end". btw for that price you could have gotten a used 970, which would probably perform around 40% better than this.

  9. My gtx 1080 ti I beat your benchmarks without even turning on the fans or even trying

  10. I want to see beam.ng drive. Whats the highest resolution you can max the video settings, with 10 to 15 cars in the scene, without dropping frames below a preconceived number. Id like to know the difference there.
    I run beam.ng on my computer from time to time, but not a lot cuz once i start the game at 720p, my computers already bitching and moaning, but manages 60 fps according to fraps. But once things start moving, it drops to 30 or less. I can manage the fps drop by lowering settings, which are at the lowest preset now. But when i add more cars, i can manage 30-40fps with collisions turned off. But after that my car show turns into slow cars.

  11. So you are saying a new card is faster than a 3 year old card…………. who would have guessed it.

  12. It bottlenecks my Ryzen 1400. It's good with an FX 6300 or a i3 6100. But with newer proccesors it just doesn't perform good.

  13. I've upgraded from a GTS450 ( 900p gaming ) directly to a GTX1060 6GB founders edition, crazy difference! I game at 1080p 100fps+ with very high (ultra) settings

  14. i want to get the 750 ti oc 2 gb to play games at 720p and high settings will it be smooth?

  15. Wish the 1060 prices were not so inflated, you could've gotten one

  16. Couldn't you have gotten a used 970/980 for the price you paid for the 1050ti? Unless you have power constraints going used is almost always the better deal.

  17. Very Helpful Answered Every Question I Had , Great Work Thank You !!!!

  18. If it wasn`t for mining and CUDA support, the RX470 would have been a better value. But Adobe Premiere heavily relies on CUDA cores.

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