Nvidia Announces A New GPU Conference Date!

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What do you think of GTC Taiwan taking place right before Computex? The right time for a new announcement? Or just some distraction cuz we’re not getting the GTX 1180 (2080) until next year?

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Thanks to Tancrid “Tank” Muller for writing the video!
Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
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  1. It's going to be 3080 not 1180 nor 2080 idk what are you talking about

  2. Irrelevant. Screw NVIDIA. I don't care how awful the 600 series or Vega 11 or whatever is/will be, it's what I'll be getting… My money is the only voice I have when it comes to NVIDIA.

  3. Not computechs anymore dude, it's gamescon in colone now. August.

  4. it will be 1180 and then amd will release a card called gtx 1280

  5. historically, _70 cards have had around the same performance as the previous gen's _80ti, so i dont hope , BUT I DEMAND that 1170, NOT 1180 is AT LEAST as powerful as a 1080Ti

  6. according to someone who posted im not sure where and im not sure who nor if i just dreamt it or maybe not but ya its official the next Nvidia 1080ti killer is going to be the 1081 ti cause it saounds better than the 1080ti

  7. Serious question from a potential 1180 buyer: would I be able to use a 1180 (or other 11XX card) with my i5-4690K? I really need to know if I should prioritize getting my specs a little more up to date (DDR3 to DDR4 RAM, newer gen CPU, etc.) and sacrifice the graphics upgrade (tight budget) or just go straight for the graphics card and possibly risk bottle-necking (I'm not so sure about the bottle-necking part because I currently am running a 960 just fine)? My gut says go for the GPU, but I also really want to upgrade my RAM (which at my state would mean needing a new mb and CPU, so I might as well go for that or the GPU, but not both).

  8. I still hate Nvidia even after they cancel GPP…
    The company is still bad.

  9. Sometimes it's good having a Steam backlog of 50+ games you haven't even played yet! Thanks humble bundle.
    Waited this long, I'll keep on waiting.
    They just can't get me to upgrade to 1080ti from 980ti sli, I want a worthy successor 😉

  10. I cant wait, I want 2 and the new 4K 144hz monitor. I hope they hurry up the money is burning a hole in my pocket.

  11. Bring out something that will run my pimax 8k on all my games at high and I will gladly buy the 1180

  12. But is Hynix (or Samsung) ready to supply GDDR6 on a large, commercial scale yet?

  13. You make informative video. I don't need to research , just visit your channel when need to.
    Keep it up !

  14. I feel like your real personality was back when you were reviewing your 6700K build.. i like the old one than this new perky version style of yours hehehe

  15. Nvidia: "We announce that we will announce the announcement of the new cards."

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