Nvidia 1060 Laptop Gaming Benchmarks

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The benchmarks here can be used to give you an indication of performance that you should expect from an Nvidia 1060 in a laptop with similar hardware specs. All games tested have been run at different levels, allowing you to see the frames per second (FPS) each game can achieve with different settings.

Games tested:
Battlefield 1
Watch Dogs 2
The Witcher 3
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
Shadow of Mordor

Testing was done using Fraps, so no DirectX 12/Vulkan benchmarks included. Nvidia driver 384.94 used for all tests.

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  1. 1060 definitely is the sweet spot for current gaming laptops.
    Not only it can run every optimized games at 1080p well beyond 60fps, with 120w tdp, it is at the thermal throttle borderline.(exception: thin laptops)
    Also 1060 laptops($1100-1600) are most cost effective comparing to the 1050/1050ti($800-1000) and 1070($1700~) in current market price(USD).

  2. Great video thanks so much dude very helpful as I'm in the market for a laptop

  3. hey great video one question though do you have a razerblade and if you do what kind of games can you run on it can you run the total war series

  4. hey is it possible for you to test how good these laptop i7 cpu are on emulation plz would like to see bench vid on cemu, rpcs3, dolphin, citra and pcsx2

  5. ive a gaming laptop with a 1060 (6bg) and it plays all my AAA games spot on at high settings, such incredible value for money, for 1080 resolution it should be great for a good couple of years too. Even with 120hz screen will do the job; 4k not worth it on 15.6 screen imo.

  6. Nice video, just a suggestion, you should include Overwatch in your future tests…

  7. I want to buy a asus gl502vm with the gtx1060, but it has the 6 genaration processor, it is worth 300$ more for the 7 generation processor?
    Or the 6 generation I7 it´s just fine?

  8. Hey Jarrod, this is guys and i would like to say, the quality of your videos lately has been absolutely amazing. It's crazy to think, you have 3.2k subs, and you have better content then a lot of bigger channels (not going to say names COUGH* LINUS COUGH* COUGH) Anyways though, i find your content to have the perfect ratio of information, and entertainment. Anyways, keep up the great work!

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