News Corner | AMD Destroys Nvidia in BFV? Intel Details 9000-Series CPUs

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News Topics:
00:24 – Intel Reveals 9000-Series CPU Names and Specs
02:55 – AMD Destroys Nvidia in Battlefield V Closed Alpha?
05:02 – Acer BM270 Monitor Packs 4K, HDR and FALD
05:56 – Philips Momentum 43-inch 4K HDR Display Now Available
06:33 – Asrock Introduces RX Vega Graphics Cards
06:54 – Cooler Master Launches MasterCase H500
07:28 – Sony Uploads Entire Movie to YouTube Instead of Trailer
08:10 – First Ryzen 3 2300X Benchmarks?
08:56 – Nvidia GTX 1180 Appears at Vietnamese Retailer?
09:22 – AMD Inching Closer to H-Series Ryzen CPU Launch?


News Corner 18 | AMD Destroys Nvidia in BFV? Intel Details 9000-Series CPUs

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  1. I've hung on this long with my current GPU… no new games on the horizion that tax my current GPU more than I'm used to now. I'm guessing every other gamer is in the same position. So I doubt nvidia will sell much of their existing stock until an new GPU arrives. No point in delaying it nvidia, we're all waiting.

  2. Massive performance issue with AMD cards?
    You mean they're not worse than NVIDIA's?

  3. It is not optimised lol nvidia will have huge performance leap. When it comes out of alpha.

  4. Obviously. Trash attracts other trash. Battlefield V and amd make a great pair.

  5. once gimpworks its enabled its gonna run like crap on amd card,

  6. Why is all the people in the comment section missing the other tester showing AMD and Nvidia neck and neck as usual… Use your brains, if you have them. Clearly the first tester was wrong. Or some BS is taking place.

  7. So it's confirmed AMD gimps Nvidia GPUs if you have a Ryzen CPU with and Nvidia GPU. Cause SweClockers got normal FPS using an Intel Coffee lake and got 63Fps and not 45Fps that PCGamesWhatever name did. Or PCGames pulled a fast one and lied.

  8. The Phillips cannot be a "proper HDR" monitor when it is an 8-bit panel.

  9. Who cares. Play Post Scriptum instead. An actaul WW2 shooter.

  10. More AMD misleasing nonsense hype! Nvidia has more than five cards that are better than the low end 1060. What about the 1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, and Titans?? Stooping to this low level hype only affects noobs who don't don't know what's really going on.

  11. RX 580 is faster than GTX 1060…fine…but GTX 1080 will be noticeably faster than even a VEGA 64.

  12. Im just waiting for amd stuff to get more optimised as they have a lot of new gear that came out and got improved so probably around next year I am building a brand new pc full AMD because i built one back in the day and it was a lot more cool and compact compared to nvidia.Only damn problem is the g sync monitor that i will have to sell and get a freesync but oh well I guess wasting money on pc gear is better than spending it on smokes and alcoohol and drugs and so on …

  13. Battlefield has always been an AMD game. Not sure why everyone is surprised that it runs better on an AMD card.

  14. no gameworks and drivers
    AMD got an update in the closed alpha.

  15. Can I ask you a question please, I’ve been looking into a new desktop an have decided to go with an i7-8700K cpu, dual Gtx 1080ti or maybe Gtx 1180 GPU’s, I’m just not sure which 32GB ram or motherboard to pick for the build. Do you have any recommendations please ? It’s designed to be an extreme gaming build

  16. Nah, AMD doesn't even have cards current cards that are in the same class as old Nvidia cards.

  17. Ok sure I get that these 9th gen Intel chips are just a refresh (surprise surprise) and that's fine. Don't have too much of a problem w/ that. Amd pretty much did the same w/ ryzen 2. And we all saw this coming. But amd is only doing it once, every other gen/yr and truly sticking to "tick-tock", while Intel, well…seems like they forgot what clocks sound like. Their 10nm won't be seeing the light of day like it's xmas in Alaska. They're gonna keep refreshing 14nm till F5 breaks. I'd say at least one more time even after this, whiskey, cascade, ice, amber, w/e else lake. 14nm++++(+) oh yes baby. Let's refine that process till it becomes a damn diamond. Ok so that's all par for the course.

    What I don't get, if that leaked spec sheet rings true, is WHYTF are they also releasing refreshed 8th gen on top of that?? Which they are identical to. For example:

    9000 = 8020 (both have 1 less gpu core) =
    9100 = 8120 = 8300
    9400 = 8420 = 8500
    9500 = 8550 = 8600 (oh and also = 8670?)
    9600(k) = 8650(k)

    Talk about adding insult to injury. Like why intel, just why have 2 of the exact same sku or 2 "names"? It's utterly pointless & just makes it way more confusing. Or maybe that's their goal, who knows. Oh pls don't tell me they plan to release them back-to-back, one after the other w/ in a few mths to present the image that they have "new" chips x2. And don't get me started on why the 8670 even exists and why it's actually slower than the 8650. They forgot how #'s work too I guess. It's identical to the 8600, except it has 3mb more cache? But no K. That's all I can tell. Woop de fkn doo.

    At first glance from the 1st table, I wasn't sure and thought maybe these new chips (i5's) would have HT, and got kinda excited. Thinking "whoa whoa wait are they really gonna go w/ this? They must really be feeling the heat from amd's competition. This is the rxn I wanna see/was hoping for ". Then after closer examination of the 2nd table, nope, don't think so. Should've known and not gotten my hopes up. Gave them too much credit. C'mon it's Intel we're talking about. The champion of innovation. Gg wp. This is just what they always do, for the past 6 yrs. Release a yearly gen w/ a mere 100mhz (0.1 ghz) increase over the last. This is nothing new.

    Oh speaking of which, you also know how nvidia does things. The deliverer of pro-competition, pro-consumer, fair play ("the way it's meant to be"). Those #'s are gonna reverse in no time. Yawn.

    On 2nd thought, if BFV really does come out after their 11 series launch like it said in the article, then they might actually turn out true. That will be the real performance, but on 10 series cards, which they tested w/. So watch out 10xx owners. You know how much love nvidia drivers give to their older (decrepid, senile, belong in a retirement home/museum) cards. Ew they're so last season. Or they'll give some excuse like it has tons of raytracing so you need them shiny new tensor cores. Just pay $100-200 more for what would've been similar performance.

  18. While this is good news (Well done AMD) I'm not buying this game. Used to love the franchise before it became;
    "Rainbow Progressive My Little Pony Shooter" No problem with their being games of that type, but a game that is supposed to be historically accurate is not the place to do it. The last EA game I bought was Sim City (2013).
    Said I would never buy another game from these tossers again, and so far have kept to my self imposed promise.

  19. could it be a movie that would suck lol so they just give it away

  20. Can't wait for Intel to release a new motherboard chipset for those 9000 series CPUs lol

  21. Maybe im getting old, but i cant be interested anymore in how do the products of manufacturer A and manufacturer B perform in the latest and best ever shooter

  22. Nvidia will make Bend-Over-Works and force it on BFV. Never worry

  23. I don’t care. I’d never buy or play BFV anyway. I can think of many better titles to work out my 1080ti with.

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