My New $3000 Gaming PC Build Benchmarks

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So this is part 2 of my way over the top $3000 Gaming PC Build for July 2017. Overall I am super happy with how this turned out and must say I’m a massive fan of the Corsair 570X and cannot wait to start modding it.

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  1. Is it really useful to get a ssd m.2 pro? or is the 500 normal ssd enough?

  2. Can you show us how to build this pc, i wana copy it and another quesiton i wana bring in just 1 gtx 1080 ti for now.. does the Corsair H100i V2, Corsair Fan Controller Commander Pro, CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO still makes sense? its just the msi bridge which i dont need bc just 1 graficcard or? thank you very much guys ! =)

  3. Anyone else torn to pieces he put one of the fans in the front diffrently from the rest??

  4. wish i found you before i got my pc, awesome videos man love when one of our own is showing how its done 🙂

  5. How did you get the ram to clear the radiator? I had a hard time with it so had to mount the radiator to the front of case

  6. I really want to switch to pc gaming and I have the money to start been saving a bit of every pay check all summer but I have no clue where to start. There's so many options. I just know I want to build my own instead of buying one that's pre built

  7. please help me here. how high was the cpu temperature under load?

  8. great build but why the ram and so much flexing on the MOBO at least a flat surface would stop the flex, my heart wrenches seeing

  9. @BeginnersTech. New viewer here and really enjoyed your build video. I am curious after a few months of use how you see the overall system performing from heat and noise p.o.v.? I was looking to build similar setup but saw a lot of reviews showing the Corsair 570x case runs pretty hot compared to others like new Thermaltake View 71. I have always liked Corsair and like the white non crazy RGB ascetic you have here but not sure based on reviews. Was thinking of custom cooling might be better. Any thoughts based on what you have found with this setup? Thanks!

  10. ok youtubers, let's see who can solve my problem, I just bought an elgato hd60 pro, installed it into my gaming pc, with Ryzen 5 1600, with rx580 and 16gb ddr4 @2133mhz, my elgato sound is showing up, but the elgato sound card isn't. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or tips to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  11. Hey, you have a really nice Pullover. Were can i buy this ? xD

  12. I have got core i9 9760k 4 gtx 1080ti 120gb ram ddr5 1tb hhd nubs

  13. Are you using push/pull on the radiator? Or just swapped out the SP120L fans that came with the h100i v2 for the hd120s? How are the temps, did you try with the stock fans?

  14. We've come at a point where we pay too much attention on how fancy and cool a pc looks. shame.

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