My $5000 Water Cooled PC LEAKED!!!

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  1. Air cooling is superior… All those mass server rooms running liquid cooling loops… Yeah. Didn't think so… Liquid cooling is more expensive. Louder. And can kill your entire system. Anyone praising the merits of liquid cooling PCs has money to lose…

  2. Heatsink cooler is the boss!!! Easily installed. Lifetime warranty!! No leaks lol

  3. This video prompted me to go over my own PC and make sure the water cooling parts are fully seated and all the fittings are tight. I get nervous leaving my PC on while im not around. On air? Sure, think nothing of it, but since I did a full loop… it keeps me up at night.

  4. I guess that's one of the factors that led to the spike of gpu prices

  5. This is why I'm more comfortable with air cooling; I know I'd make some kind of small mistake like that and ruin everything in my rig.

  6. Its okay man.. it happens to everyone.. except me.
    Because I use an air cooling solution like all sane people.

  7. seriously , you dont know how to reinforce your tubes or use quality componets ?

  8. You saw "Huge puddle of Pink Floyd on your floor?" Lucky Basterd

  9. Is it just me or does it seem to be the hard tube setups that is leaking recently. I've been having watercool setups for years with soft tube with out any leaks.

  10. similar shit happen to me. top off cpu block crack under the inlet fitting and liquid spill all over my system. how this happen idk but i salvage my stuff. just hue+ system is not working for no reason.

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