MSI GF72VR 7RF Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

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The GF72VR 7RF gaming laptop from MSI that’s a little different than other MSI laptops. Along with its grey interior it’s got an Nvidia 1060 graphics card and Intel 7700HQ CPU, so we’ll see how these perform in the gaming benchmarks component of the review. I’ll take you through the features of the laptop, what I liked and didn’t, discuss the thermals, battery life, heat, and how loud the laptop gets.

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MSI sent me this laptop for a few weeks to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I was thinking about getting the ge73vr raider with the 1070 for $1800 usd. Would you say this is a better option for $400 usd less? I mean it has a downgraded gpu, no ssd, smaller battery, and mediocre cooling compared to the raider. I am kind of on the ropes here since I can already buy this GF72VR. Is it worth saving up the extra $400? I don't play super demanding games, and I also plan to use this for school, but I want to get the most out of what I pay for.

  2. Can you please do the alien ware 15 r3 gtx1070 120hrz display next? Please and thank you

  3. G Sync with 75hz would've been nice. Nice and comprehensive review as always.

  4. these msi units run so hot, which seems odd considering tech advances. i can't imagine extended gaming sessions on something like this. external keyboard and cooler mandatory. i have a gigabyte p37w and idles 20s – 30s depending on ambient, gaming it will stay in the 60s – 70s on quiet fan profile, and just into 80s on normal. msi mid 90s is surely going to fry components over time.

  5. I use the omen15 with GTX1050Ti Graphics, as for most situations the graphic doesn't match the 120HZ display. But I still appreciate the choice since it is a IPS panel with decent color accerate. I don't think people should focus on only graphic and visual experience means a lot.

  6. Hey Jarrod, Great stuff as always! 😀
    I was wondering if the msi raider with i5 7300HQ, 8gb ram and gtx 1070 with a 120hz 3ms panel is better than this one?
    It costs an extra 20 bucks but the performance to price seems great on that one.
    Thank you.

  7. gosh i got my GL62M 7RDX i7 7700HQ GTX 1050 2GB, 8GB DDR4 128GB SSD AND 1TB HDD FOR 950 dollars, that same model cost 830 dollars, with the money i spent i should get a better laptop with 1050ti or 1060, but thanks that im on a shitty country I had no option, by the way these machines are expensier here on fisical stores, so can realize how shit its the country Im living, btw I drop a tear while doing this comment

  8. Do you think you could do the MSI Gp62mvr? It is pretty affordable (cheapest config is gtx 1060 3gb and i5 7300HQ)

  9. You lost me at 7700hq what garbage trash that is used in cheap shitty laptops.

  10. Great video, I am a youtube I can’t afford all of this, can you get msi or other gaming laptop brands to send me some laptops to review

  11. Hz only matters in competitive games such as CS:GO, gamers playing those games typically lower their settings to the low to get as stable FPS as possible, in which case the 120hz is just fine. Normal gamers who play games such as shadows of mordor will be totally fine with 60FPS. The temps on the notebook are not only not good, they are honestly not acceptable, quite dissapointing considering that MSI are well known for very good cooling solutions, such as the dominator series and the tornado F5.

  12. Will u keep the 1950 long time or just until u feel u need more speed i think I would keep It long time spending that much now a gpu that much dont kno if I could pay that much sense they never worth it always upgrading

  13. Wow thanks for the review, you're my favourite man in reviews. 🙂

  14. I just recently bought this laptop recently (2 weeks ago), and haven't seen a review until today. I am enjoying it very much, but also glad that I have gained a bit more insight into my purchase.Thank you so much!

  15. Great video! But im here for another reason. Would you review the new HP Omen X Laptop? Thanks.

  16. Hi Jarrod, what's the difference in between GP 62 and GF 62 model.
    I'm getting both of them at same price but not sure which to go for?
    They both have same config but I'm sure that GP 62 has 120 Hz 1080p TN panel but not sure about the GF 62 one.

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