Metabox P955HQ1 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

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Metabox are an Australian company that specialise in custom laptops, here we check out their thin 15 inch P955HQ1 workstation laptop from the Prime-S series, which features an Nvidia Quadro P3000 GPU. We’ll find out how it performs in both real world use and even see how gaming goes with the Quadro card through a series of benchmarks.

Metabox provided me with this laptop for review purposes for a few weeks, all opinions here are my own based on my experience with the laptop during this time.

Metabox Website:

Metabox P955HQ1:

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  1. Awesome content as always =D keep it up bro you're good !!

  2. I really like customizable laptops like these, and I haven't heard of this company before! A nice review right there!

    Though they are quite expensive though hahaha.

  3. I have a metabox laptop i baught last year ,awesome product,great customer service and great performance. PREVIOUSLY i had an alienware and this beats it hands down,after only 6 months the dell techs had too come out and change the MB ,Alienware felt cheap and untrustworthy. I WAS skeptical about metabox cause id never heard of them but have no regrets.

  4. I really like the design, if only they can minimize the bezels though.

  5. Hi Jarrod, I think this model has the sexiest casing of all the Metabox range. Would it be OK if we showed this review on the Kong website for this Metabox product? Kris

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