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Make your Ryzen CPU faster, Memory Tuning Performance, Massive Gaming Gains!

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  1. Can I use a stilt profile on the Asus mobo for this RAM? G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C14D-32GTZR

  2. It is amazing but for this, you need an expensive b -die memory and the stilt's is not so easy to tweak if you don't have a rog motherboard

  3. WOW I loved that build in the b-roll that was inside the phanteks shift. Gorgeous.

  4. So in this vid its mentioned that the total cost of ryzen 2600 over the intel 8400 is about $60.
    Granted its about the cost of a fill up more, but u also get a lot more for that 60 greenbacks. With the 2600 u get a unlocked CPU, multithreading, higher memory support, and a platform thats upgradable until 2020, basicaly same performance in games if you can tweak the ram properly, and a massive performance advantage in pretty much any productivity software, as long as its not from the Bill Clinton era.
    As far as I see it its not only a better value it's also a better choice for apgrades in the future without buying a whole new platform each time.

  5. Thanks for this quality video Steve and good work ! 😀 one day could you test both Ryzen generations and see if using 4 dimms (single rank and/or dual rank) instead of 2, decrease the OC capacity ?
    I have a Ryzen 7 1700 which has a very very good IMC, with 2×8 GB single rank and I would like to get 2 more sticks.

  6. Not mentioned (or I missed it) was the cooling required to hit 5.2ghz on the intel chips. I'm a bit skeptical an air cooler will get 5.2 ghz without being on an open test bench. Add in that most intel chips wont do 5.2ghz, regardless of cooling, wouldn't it make more sense to talk about AIO cooling costs and testing those intel chips at 5 ghz which seems to be the average OC result most people will see ?

  7. Perfect timing on the video. Thx

    I just made the move from my i5-6600K/Z170 build to a 2700X/X470 build. I brought my Corsair DDR4 3000 CL15 along for the ride and found that just rolling with the XMP profile was a no go. I've been looking into this for a few days and found out my RAM is using a Hynix IC and isn't ideal for Ryzen. For now I'm running it at 2666mhz CL14-14-14-34. I'm sure someone more experience OC-ing could get it higher but it's definitely not the most straight forward and quickest process in the world.

    Selling my 16GB kit and spending $225-$240 for a Samsung b-die kit seems a PITA. I knew Ryzen was picky about RAM when trying to get to 3200mhz+ but had no idea just how specific this was. I've been building PCs both personally and for work (years ago) for almost 20 years and do not recall this much effort ever going into RAM.

  8. If you're going to consider money as an issue, then the 2600X with a good MB vs. a Crosshair, and 2600 with either having an AIO makes more sense at least in my mind. How much do you save on the MB? But that's just me, and this gets back to the thing about the 2600X not needing to be OC'd other than the memory taken up to 3200 and allowing the newer XFR and PB2 do their thing, which in turn allows your system to slow back down and save money all the way around. Maybe one day you'll test. This also assumes you use your system for various things and not just gaming.

  9. Skylake-X also see's gains in gaming when tweaking memory timings.

  10. Hi.My freand can you help me to start in youtube i have a old pintum 4 . He is killing me how can i start geting the pc and builld it can you help me.Mirza el mehdi.

  11. i feel like having the 8600K and 8700K at 5.2GHz is kinda cheating the charts, the reason is most people are only getting 5GHz and to get 5.2GHz you need a really good cooling setup and possibly to delid the CPUs, something most people wont do. the 8600K and 8700K should have been benched at a more common 5GHz. "tinfoil hat time" by benching the two intel CPUs at 5.2GHz you make the AMD cpu look worse than it actually is and i feel like this is a completely unfair benchmark. i like you dude, i really do. but when you do crap like this it hurts your credibility to me. i know this video is about the gains of the 2600 with better ram timings but christ putting it against intel cpus overclocked at an unreasonable 5.2GHz makes no sense what so ever.

  12. Those OC profiles listing DRAM voltage at 1.9V?! I know you can push it a bit, but I’ve not seen much over 1.5V…

  13. Will 2666 memory work or do you need faster speed like3000 +

  14. where in Australia can you buy that sniper x (f4-3400c16d-16gsxw) memory ? i cant find them on any online seller that i know of

  15. I would be interested to see what effect using those B-Dies paired with something like the Ryzen 3/5 2200/2400G cpu's on a x470 board that has video out of course.

  16. It makes sense really, based on the body of data and understanding that we have on ryzen…. with this ryzen refresh IPC is pretty close between the two (8700K and 2700X running at 4.0GHz have close singled threaded cinebench scores). Where Ryzen is hurt on gaming comes down to when data has to go across two CCX modules be it for more cores or to get to more cache this introduces latency which you don't get with the 8700k. With the infinity fabric being linked to ram speed you will generally see decent to great improvements in performance to where most of the performance difference is coming from clock speed (in this case 4.2GHz vs 5.2GHz).

    With the upcoming Zen 2 7nm chips coming out they will boost ipc obviously however if they further reduce latency and if they can get clock speeds to match what you can get with an Intel chip then you will see on par gaming performance.

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