Lenovo Y530 & Y730 Hands-On! // A Stylish Affordable Gaming Laptop!

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The 2018 Lenovo Legion Y530 and Y730 are Gaming laptops with a GTX 1050ti and the latest 8th gen intel processors. It’s fast, portable and budget friendly. It’s perfect for those looking for a gaming laptop that can play all the latest games comfortably at 1080p without breaking the bank.

Lenovo Legion Y530 will start at $950 USD!

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  1. This is a quick one and I apologize for the drop in visual quality. A more detailed better produced video to come for the full review = )

  2. Just bought the Y520 My God this looks less gamery even though I already have the Limited Y520 with white blacklighting and golden legion logo at the back. Really excited for the review on this one.

  3. more gaming laptop should look like this. not everyone wants a glowing red logo and aggressive aethetic

  4. These laptops are plain and fugly flat boring unispired….this screams" me too" dell laptop clone design and the desktop towers look like old gasoline canisters..

  5. That's first outdoor video I watched in your channel It was great.All the best Mat

  6. Awesome video Matt. I am excited to see more laptop and PC videos.

  7. $1000 for a GTX 1050? Something like an ASUS GL502VM can be had with a GTX 1060 for the same money. Better options out there at that price point. At least their styling is moving in the right direction.

  8. I just baught the y720 and Im so happy with it…they have powerful laptops, really amazing.. Keep up the good work, I baught my actual pc a week ago thanks to your review…I watched all reviews and the only one that made me buy it was yours…So thanks man…Keep up the good work bro

  9. Nice short mini-info review. Fix your description….it is 2018 is it not?

  10. I wonder why not all tech reviewers did their hands-on with the LENOVO LEGION Y7000, is it because it is exclusively available in the US?

  11. Y730 15inch is just fkin amazing! All the ports in the back should be a standard now…. But they really need to make a 1060/1070 model, 1050TI not gonna cut it for me

  12. Do you know if they will be getting an 1060 or 1070 version

  13. Do you know if they will be getting an 1060 or 1070 version

  14. can all these affordable gaming rig manufacturer give 2 keyboard backlit color mode, 1 is whatever color they want to put, and the other is clear white. For neutral color option sake.

  15. I am Late again!! Really excited for the Y530. Great video as always 🙂

  16. I really wish they had a bigger battery, atleast a 90wHR battery and a 1060 minimum. I had the Y50-70 and it was the best laptop I ever used.

  17. You said they're hitting the market this month, but then said you will be getting your hands on them in a couple of months, hoping it's a mistake xd

  18. I wanna buy the y720 previous edition thank God this version ain't in my country

  19. Anyone know any good gaming laptops under 1,500$ us that could be used to game and live stream on ? Or know some specs ? Thanks

  20. I’m sorry but Gaming Laptop and Affordable in the same phrase is something I don’t know if I’ll live to witness

  21. This thing need to have 120hx instead of 144,and 1060 instead 1050ti,and that will be the balanse more and less,making 144hz screen on 1050ti laptop,for what? If it never gonna hit any "aaa" game nore then 50-60fps? ) With 120hz and 1060 this is possible to hit 120fps on lightweight games like CSGO,DOTA2,Real Realms etc and dont need to overpay for useles 144hz,this PR guys from lenovo tho

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