Lenovo Legion Y720 Review – A Decent Gaming Laptop!

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The Lenovo Legion Y series are popular among the gamers who are looking for a gaming laptop that can fulfill their needs and elevate their gaming experience to a whole new level!

In this video, we made a detailed overview of the Lenovo Legion Y720, a VR-ready laptop that integrates exclusive hardware and spectacular design which make it a must-have for every gamer who wants to play games with a stable fps rate.

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  1. Awesome review! Lenovo is the best brand as I am using Lenovo.

  2. The features of this Laptop is excellent and also very good for gaming purpose.


  4. very informative video.I recommend to my friends.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great review about Lenovo Legion Y720, i enjoyed to watch. Amazing video and very informative. Thank you.

  6. I loved this gaming laptop, what I don't like is the battery life of only 4 hours I expected more and at least 1tb of hard drive; despite all this it is complemented with its other strengths that in my case I think is its price that I consider it really good.

  7. Thanks for that information last half year im planned to bought Lenovo y720 and now im sure that!

  8. Nice look with an amazing design an features. I really appreciate it for sharing it.

  9. i had some doubts regarding 'VR ready' tag of Lenovo Legion Y720..this video clearly explained how VR is deployed to increase gaming experience with this laptop..so thank you

  10. With it's unique design and latest features Lenovo Legion Y720 looks user friendly gaming laptop, i would for sure plan to have this laptop anyways thanks for sharing this video

  11. I was looking for a gaming laptop and with so many choices in the market I was really confused to buy a decent gaming laptop.This Lenovo Legion Y720 looks good gaming laptop with nice features.Thanks for honest review.

  12. GREAT This is one of the best purchases so far this year. Loved it! thanks for the review.

  13. It's really a great review with all the important informations one should look for while buying a loptop mostly for gaming purpose. Really an informative video with genuine necessary information.

  14. good review , this laptop it's perfect for gaming , thank youu

  15. this video is Lenovo among st gamer are good looking for a gaming.

  16. Very good review with alot of useful informations. I must buy lenovo legion y720, thanks for this video!

  17. Good review. I´m typing this on my Y720 and I love it. It can handle anything I throw at it without a problem. When you´re not gaming and just using it for work or even Netflix, it´s very quiet, the fans don´t even turn on (or you don´t hear them turn on) until you start platying games. The speakers and sub are great for music, games and watching movies. I was going to get a new headset when I bought it, but I´ve put it off since the sound is so good. The only thing I wish it had was per key RGB lighting. The RGB on the keyboard has 4 lighting zones that look good and can be customized, but for the pirce I would have liked per key lighting. Aside from that, I love it, I would recommend it to anyone.

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