Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop! REVIEW

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Lenovo Legion R720 ➜

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This is the Lenovo Legion, a very sweet gaming laptop! The main horsepower, is running a GTX 1050 Ti, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD, and other nice specs, all for under $1,000. I’ve been playing a good bit of Rainbow Six Siege lately (find me on Uplay: schmanke), and not only is the game a ton of fun, but this gaming laptop can handle it great! We also tried some Fortnite and of course it can run that game fantastic as well. I even tried some live Twitch streaming while gaming R6, and even though the frame-rate dropped a fair bit, it was still somewhat playable. I’m sure there’s plenty of tips and tricks I can do to make it stream even better next time, and I’ll keep experimenting more!

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  1. Which games and platforms are you into?! #PCMasterRace? Xbox? PS4? – You riding the Fortnite train? Any fellow Rainbow Six Siege plats?? 🙂

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  3. Just curious…your about page says you're located in the U.S., but that plug was definitely not for a U.S. wall outlet. Where are you located?

  4. How do you only have 158k subs and so little views when your vids are so good?

  5. Please make a comparison of the cameras Oneplus 6 and Oneplus 5t. You're the only one who makes detailed comparisons. All hope for you!

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