LattePanda v UDOO x86 Advanced Plus

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UDOO x86 Advanced Plus and LattePanda Windows 10 SBC comparison, including a hardware review, performance tests in GIMP and Kdenlive, and Passmark benchmarking.

More information on the UDOO x86 Advanced Plus can be found at:

More information on the LattePanda can be found at: and

The LattePanda 2/32GB with a Windows 10 key can be purchased on here:

The PassMark benchmarking software is available from:

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  1. A very nice comparison! It's a shame the 3D benchmark didn't run in the full test.
    A possible error you've made during testing is that you used different Windows 10 builds! I don't know how much difference it makes to the performance, if at all, but it ruins the whole effort to make it as fair and head-to-head as possible with all the effort to sync the footage and all…

  2. FYI: I contacted the makers of the UDOO boards, regarding the support of SATA Port Multiplier and they replied it's not supported. It's not possible to use it as a file server using such a device.

  3. So to be fair, you do not use the coms port that gives one the advantage. Making the testing after the decision unreliable and irrelivant to real users.

  4. Worth pointing out that even though one is branded Celeron and one Atom they use the same Airmont "Atom" core. Only frequencies and power envelopes differ.

  5. I can't wait until someone makes an amd single board with ryzen cores and Vega graphics. With that, handheld gaming PCs will be possible.

  6. I have a question regarding for the UDOO board.  It has 2 M.2 slots; one for Wi-Fi and the other for M.2 HD.  What is the rating for the M.2 HD?  Is it SATA III or NVME?

  7. It looks like the LattePanda windows is using less space because its using an older OS version. i'm not sure if that affects benchmarks. just something i noticed with the copywrite year at 6:17.

  8. I'm starting to notice your videos aren't coming up in my notifications.

  9. If you just run these things as mini computers/desktop, I think a barebone would be a better buy (like an Intel NUC or so)
    They are cheaper, and you already have a nice case and all.

  10. +Explaining Computers You didnt mention that the celeron is more powerful than the atom

  11. How about web page browsing as a speed test? I have seen some having pretty page web sites slow allot of standard computer down, which I still do not understand why webmasters still do this (yahoo)

  12. the lacks of a heatsink on lattepanda doesn't influence on the benchmarks? At least i had a lot of problems, even throttling down the processor's clock until i upgraded the board's heatsink.

  13. on udoo: usb 3.0 mouse recognition problems with wireless or cable mouse or both?

  14. good review I almost bought the latte panda but they way they req. a purchase was incredibly frustraing and ill admit terrifing due to the wanting a transfer to a foreign bank , then i found Udoo X 86 straight forward debit card and a office in USA ( made in Italy ) so there are also those factors to consider , again ty for the review

  15. It looks like the LattePanda's Atom, despite being the same chip as the Udoo's Celeron, is a lot less likely to throttle. The Celeron has a TDP of 6W and the Atom has a TDP of 2W, and with low-power chips I think Intel has designed power management in such a way that they will tend to use power around the TDP. Not only does the Celeron have 4W extra to play with, its base and boost frequencies for both the CPU and GPU are higher. The heatsink on the Udoo can't hurt either.

    I'm not sure about the eMMC speed, but judging by the GIMP test the Udoo has a slight edge. I'm not sure about memory speeds either, but both chips support DDR3L-1600, and it's safe to assume that that's what's being used.

  16. Personally i would choose the latte panda, over the usb thing. I always find usb3, can be a pain alot of time, like you point out.

    Having at least some usb2 ports, for me, is something i prefer, over all usb3 ports.

  17. Christopher, I love you videos and how you explain computers! How can we chat someday? I love SBC's how do you get these companies to allow to review there products? Please email me [email protected]

  18. Thanks for going through the trouble of comparing these boards. I'm convinced about getting myself an UDOO X86 board for Oolite, which is a modern remake of the original Elite. It's fairly lightweight, and can also download expansion packs made by the respective community. Also, I'm getting ready for a project in which I first thought I would need a full blast Windows XP motherboard for, but thankfully, you changed my friggin mind. You can check my Google Plus for updates regarding said project.

  19. If they're gonna market premium boards they might as well start using UFS memory chips instead of the older and slower eMMC.

  20. I love how far single bored computers like these have come for the consumer market.

  21. What a shame the LattePanda only has 100Mbit Ethernet..If it had gigabit I'd have bought it.

  22. You look like you never left 90's but you talk really good.

  23. Another very interesting and informative video review. Thank you.

  24. Can you nest the UDOO into a network  stack  to get more power ? great video Thanks

  25. Cracking video, subscribed. Been watching your channel a while and just makes sense to sub

  26. Why can't i find this Latte panda anywhere in Belgium or the Netherlands?

  27. Thanks. Informative. I would have liked to see the pinouts and sensor connectors discussed as they are important differences

  28. Parabéns pelo canal, seu vídeo foi ótimo, bom trabalho ! me inscrevi no seu canal para próximas avaliações de (single board computer)

  29. What about the temperature of the core and throttling of the cpu ?
    The late panda got no heatsink

  30. Hi is it both are microprocessor and microcontroller devices?

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