Laptop GTX 1060 Gaming Benchmarks (3GB)

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Laptop GTX 1060 Gaming Benchmarks. I tried to keep this simple and informative. Enjoy!
Laptop Used: Asus FX502VM
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00:26 Overwatch
00:41 Rocket League
00:56 Black Desert Online
01:10 CS: GO
01:25 Dead By Daylight
01:40 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
01:54 Golf With Your Friends
02:09 Left 4 Dead 2
2:24 Evolve Stage 2

HUGE Shout out to Vexento for the awesome music!
Game Over by Vexento


  1. Wow nice video bro! So all of this gameplay is off of your fx502vm, do you regret not geting the 6gb 1060 or do you think the 3gb is just fine?

  2. Please, make a PUBG video, I really need to know how it works on a 3gb 1060 GTX. Nice video btw, keep it up

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