Is The i3 2100 Still Worth It? (2018)

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The i3 2100 CPU can now be found for a very cheap price, but does it make sense to use it at the center of a budget gaming PC build in 2018? Well let’s talk about this old Sandy Bridge 1155 Processor.

Test Specs:
i3 2100 @ Stock
GTX 1050
Windows 10

Games Tested:
Battlefield 1

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  1. Etra Zombanya ใ‚ฆใƒซใƒˆใƒฉ - ใ‚ขใƒซใƒใƒ‹ใƒผ

    I have a i3-2120 / GT 640 in a older dell and it still works well!

  2. I get the same fps in these games with an i3 3220 and a GT 1030. Do not buy second gen processors! 32nm vs 22nm makes a HUGE difference. I'm fully against this video,not recommended.

  3. Generally Sandy/Ivy bridge, and perhaps Haswell builds are still very good for budget systems. The most complicated thing to find is a good mobo for a reasonably price, but since you can find decent CPUs for really few bucks and the DDR3 ram are not so crazy expensive, this could mitigate the need to purchase a second hand mobo not-so-cheap.
    Actually I run a pentium G630 with a GT1030 and 8GB of RAM. Windows 10 goes like a charm, and for basic gaming is fair enough.

  4. i have an i5 2400 with a 750ti and i can play almost any games i want to play

  5. I'm still running an i3 2120, very happy. Most of my schools computers use them too, lol.

  6. got it with GT 730 for a build for sister, still looking for mobo and RAM though…

  7. plays 4k youtube videos so yeah. Pretty good, just lacking in cores. I wouldnt even recommend a dual core in 2016 because it simply cant do what other cpus can do. Makes the entire system feel held back

  8. LOL what's the problem of using a high end GPU to know the Full potential of the CPU??? if the CPU gets 300FPS with a 1080ti that means that your low end GPU won't be bottlenecked until 300fps WHICH IS GOOD! if your gpu can't handle 300FPS so it won't reach the limit of the CPU anyway. it seems like people think that testing a low end CPU with a high end GPU is cheating because the CPU will magically get better with a 1080ti.

  9. If you aren't a gamer and just use the internet, watch video, listen to music and write documents it's probably good enough. If you like games you might look at an i5 or a Ryzen processor.

  10. I got a i3 2120 from a friend who upgraded and paired it witch a gtx 660 in a selfmade companion cube case and use this system as a media/livingroom gaming system. In games like far gta V and far cry 5 the gpu and cpu are both at 100% and 30 fps is achiveable.

  11. Ahh the 2011 equivalent to the Ryzen 3. I have many fond memories of this CPU.

  12. I get a bunch of free computers from work with these CPUs. Needless to say, given the cheap prices of i5 2500s, I upgrade all of mine to those.

  13. I have an i3 3220 3.3ghz paired with an overclocked GTX 660 ti, Runs Borderlands Pre Sequel at ultra 60fps fine

  14. to expensive… atleast those mobo's that have usb 3.. i know there are cheap with even 4 pci good for a mine rig. but yeah its old.
    anyway a nice lga1155 with usb 3 are to expensive for the age.. and the i3 20โ‚ฌof the time useless..
    but i got a i5 2320 for 18โ‚ฌ and a itx lga b75 mobo for 13โ‚ฌ (has a boot problem need to remove the cmos)
    but i also got a cheap i5 6400 and asus h110m-c for 60โ‚ฌ found a deal on amazon for 8gb 2400 ddr4 for 55โ‚ฌ
    so now i dont know what i will do with my lga1155 set since i only have 1 rx480 8gb laying around. the other gpu i have are 3 lil r7 240 4gb that is just shit. (ow i have also 4x4gb ddr3 taking dust that is why i was going to make a lil gaming pc with a lga1155 set. but in the meen while i got a cheap lga1151 deal from my local pawn shop ๐Ÿ™‚ (of how ever you call that in english) he has often parts that he cant sell (cause nobody is gonna buy then and he cant build a pc so usual i come there and ask got anything new? and then he looks to see what he can sell) its pretty cool get nice deal, my guess is get gets old pc that are broken taht cant be fixed and then he can keep the parts, he parts it out, and tries to build a new pc if he can with it or sell it to us if we pass by) i mean that i5 6400 is alone already 60โ‚ฌ atleast ๐Ÿ™‚ on ebay

  15. I didn't even know you could get DDR3 speeds below 1333 MHz! Either way this CPU is probably still superior to what's in the consoles.

  16. I bought an i3-2100 off eBay a while ago. Using it as my 24/7 headless Linux server now.

  17. I and my brother somehow managed to get enough money to buy an i3 2120, 8 GB RAM, Corsair CX 500 PSU and Radeon HD 6850 in 2012. It was our first custom built PC. Damn those days feels like yesterday. Definitely a great CPU it was.

  18. I'm updating from a 2120 to a 2400 just because I can afford a little upgrade right now but my experience with the i3 was satisfying. I really don't care about triple A, the 2120 is ok for e-sports, and actually handles stuff like GTA 5 pretty well.
    If you're on a budget and want a build to gradually upgrade whenever you have some cash, an old i3 is great. Try to get a PC with a motherboard that also supports ivy bridge and you'll have a budget gamer dream in your hands.

  19. My friend is using an i3 2100. I got it with an acer oem mainboard and cooler for 25โ‚ฌ. Works great with a ssd on windows 10. (HTPC)

  20. Yes because i have seen i3, with 4 threads

  21. Got i3-2100 on both of my autistic brother's computers. Well, he's not throwing a tantrum so it should be fast enough for a user like him. It's worth 20 usd here in my place.

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