Is Overclocking Threadripper Worth It? AMD 1950X Benchmarks and Review

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AMD’s Threadripper CPUs offer increased core counts at lower prices compared to the competition. I’ve been using the 1950X daily for a few months now, so it’s about time we check it out and find out just how well it performs through a series of benchmarks, both at stock and overclocked.

I’m mostly focusing on CPU tests, but there are some PUBG gaming tests thrown in too as that’s a game I actually play regularly, and we’ll see how the 1950X does at stock speeds, and overclocked to 4GHz on all 16 cores.

These are the three videos I refer to in the video comparing the 1950X against Intel’s 7900X:
Hardware Unboxed:
Tech Showdown:
Tech YES City:

Check current pricing and further reviews of the 1950X at Amazon:

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  1. Nice vid, and keep working with your fresh new cpu 😀
    Your 3d bigest fan 😛

  2. Sucks that the memory is meh. I'm sure tr4 2 will be even way more epic…

  3. I'm kinda saddened that it seems u don't utilise its other features like ecc or pcie etc…
    Do u, btw, have any ecc? And have u experience with such?.. And what do u think of it generally?.. How much is it worth, really?

  4. I personally wouldn't bither overclocking something that runs hit and is over $1000 as you wouldn't get too much of a boost. Another yreat review Jarrod!

  5. 32 motherfucking threads that's gonna get shit done.

    I remember being amazed by my first i7 (950) with it's 8 threads. X)

  6. AMD needs to become competitive in the mobile segment again though. With Ryzen mobile prices they are not there yet.

  7. something like process lasso that allows you to limit the game executable cpu affinity to cores that are on die0 will give you a "game mode"performance booste in games without having to disable the second die with a reboot

  8. Yup! The older you get, the more memory issues! LOL! Chuck Norris cooks his bacon on an overclocked ThreadRipper!
    Good work Jarrod! Check out HardOCP for Kyle Bennet's info on TR. Some interesting water cooling solutions. Have a great day!

  9. Can you retest the aero 15x with daul channel memory (alongside with your undervolt) . The aero 15x has a faster version of the MQ chip(90w vs 80w) that is very close to the normal thing but is being held back by single channel memory.

    This same 90w chip scored 16.3k 3dmark firestrike graphics on the asus gx501vs(compared with 14.5k on the 80w chip). Normal 1070s score between 16.3~17.2 so it's worth looking into.

  10. Honestly, i think 8700K or the upcoming 9700K would be better overall, even rendering there isnt that big of adavantage having all those cores, 5ghz almost aways ends up better or similar gains, i also built a TR 1950X setup, and i also hope in time software catches up and get better support for using all the cores, but by that time there will be better cpus out there, i personally think i would have been better with another 8700K, but i needed more PCI lanes for capture cards, raid card and nvme ssds, so for me TR made sense, just i wish software development was faster.

  11. Huh? There are seemingly more gamers than 'professionals', intel for gaming is more expensive, while AMD for 'professionals' is like half the price of intel.. 'professionals' are usually smarter than gamers, meaning AMD has people that know their stuff while intel is uhh.. not really. Don't take me too seriously, just a stereotype, it's definitely offensive to you gamers.

    Personally I think I'm on the 'professionals' side, I'm not really into the whole triple-A titles or such games. I sometimes code JavaScript, sometimes play this browser game, sometimes just mess around with stuff, I mostly either hang out with people on Discord or watch YouTube. On a more reasonable budget (for me), I would go for the Ryzen 7 2700X.

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