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Rumors of NVIDIA’s planned obsolescence have been around forever, but now we finally investigate.

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  1. older drivers run my games better…. i have old cards… sli is fucked with new drivers….

  2. Game Developers are to blame for much of it; they are the one's who set the fps rate (and many other settings) unless you turn-on V-SYNC…….for ex. just sitting in PUBG's lobby your GPU utilization will be at nearly 100% causing over-heating issues among many other things unless you have their V-SYNC turned on or forcing Nvidia settings to do so….and it is bad on new and old cards alike; but it is easily solved as mentioned above – most people don't configure their OS/GPS/Game settings properly, by not adjusting their graphic card settings based on what game they are playing

  3. nvidia destroyed my 780gtx lightning. And my new gpu also crashes. thx nvidia

  4. I HATE Linuses whiney voice.

    Always makes the videos unwatchable for me

  5. This, sort of, addresses why Nvidia cards do not improve performance over time with new drivers. However, how does this explain why AMD graphics cards get better [FPS] as they age [with newer drivers]?

  6. Just download the drivers that were released 2 months after your GPU was made… best rule of thumb

  7. game freezes but still running
    sounds not works
    fuck my life im commiting suicide

  8. It's the same with everything these days. Honestly, phones and tablets are the worst for this.

  9. That's how I try to convince my girlfriend of all the time…

  10. Well of cource they don't do that. They're not some Apple duh. Remember controversy with gtx 970. It they did, it would be uncovered pretty damn fast. But what they really do, is slow down consumer grade cards in professional tasks(like 2d3d openGl performance), except most obvious like straigh up rendering performance. LTT has a video on that topic btw.

  11. Oh man, if I would ve known about this I would ve done a more exhaustive testing. One day I decided to run the driver update from nvidia. So far I was running all my games smoothly with my 980, but after getting the update I started to get slow fps in TESO at 1080p. I did everything that I could to remove the update, cleaning the register etc etc. At the end the only solution was to reinstall the whole OS and the older driver. I think this was 6 months ago I since then I havent done another driver update.

  12. well all know Apple slows down thier iphones through firmware updates to hey consumers to's the same with graphic cards

  13. Linus, you and I have the same wallet… mine is just much more skinny. XD

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