iOS 11.4 Beta 4! Battery Life & Performance Improvements!

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Apple released iOS 11.4 Beta 4 today which brings us some continued performance improvements and also brings us some battery life improvements as well. Throughout this beta we have seen very consistent benchmark numbers and also have experience very consistent performance so this is exciting for upcoming betas and also the future release of iOS 11.4. In this beta we are still seeing a very high compute score along with improved CPU performance as well. With that being said though, we are still seeing consistent stability so all of these improvements don’t put you at risk for crashes or major lagging when using your device. To learn more about this beta and future betas watch our videos!

Apple Beta Program:

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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  1. Let me know your experience of the iOS 11.4 Beta's in the comment section!

  2. Battery life has been getting better every beta on my IPhone 7.

  3. I hope for better battery in the final one and iOS 12. Dont need anything else tbh.

  4. I'm loving the battery life improvements! Are you still doing the giveaway?

  5. Very nice! What is the name of case that you use?

  6. How do you get iOS 11.4 and I’m still waiting on the giveaway

  7. If the winner doesn't respond by tomorrow is there a new winner?

  8. What’s up with Apple are they slowing down lower models ? Cuz I have the 6s and battery wont last for more than 5 hrs and every time I update it get s worse

  9. So I don’t have to go to the store and have them fix my battery? Instead I just get the update? Cool! I’m gonna tell my grandma to get it because her phone is always dying fast.

  10. Bro, remember me? I'm the one who noticed the stuttering animations when switching from photo-portrait mode. Apparently its still on ios 11.3 official and ios 11.3.1. Can u share me ur solution? My solution is "restart all settings." Then don't restart or let ur phone die once u restart ur settings. Because once the system restarts or reopen, the camera will become slow at opening and switching modes. Please share ur thoughts and advice. I don't think updating to ios 11.4 betas or official can fix this.

  11. Watched he whole video and you didn't talk about the giveaway???

  12. Although Apple is working on fixing more bugs in iOS 12 but still just hoping that they add some new features to it. I would personally like to see more default live wallpapers (like on the iPX) added to older 3D Touch models. New swipe animations. Option to change to round icons. Complete shut off of Bluetooth & WiFi from shortcuts. Dark mode. Better widgets performance, most of them lag including apple in-built apps & lastly even better battery performance (although this is pretty good even now on + models).

  13. anyone else having bluetooth and wifi problems?like very annoying problems?

  14. The battery life has been really short on the iPhone 7, the best iteration of ios battery wise, was ios 10.3.

  15. brother where do you think that its better on ios 11.4 beta 4 or 11.3 at iphone 6

  16. almost one month and still no winner? what happened?

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