Intel’s Surprise 28 Core CPU – WE RAN IT!

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  1. Even if this CPU is real, you would need a nuclear power plant to power it and some impossible cooling solution to keep it cool…
    AMD gets this one, boys
    EDIT: Also the price would be abysmal. It's not Intel if they charge a truckload of money for it.

  2. 1000 w from 180 max hmmmmm w consumption onli tha cpu !!! . it's no longer logical … over ridiculous obscene :-/

  3. Unsubscribe. Sorry Linus but you look like an idiot in the video. Cannot believe you feel for intels bullcrap.

  4. Linus you just pulled a Kardashian by following the hype and shutting down your brain, as usual

  5. +Linus are you stupid enough to believe that they got all cores to 5Ghz with just normal water cooling? and why now it's getting only 6000 points? lol. are you supporting Intel garbage bro?

  6. Why do all the people there looks like pissed off asshats? Ignoring the already there linus that is, there's a larger abundance. XD kidding linus, ur fine man.

  7. Intel is just spamming with random shit just so they take the limelight from AMD. Pathetic.

  8. There is a 72 core intel processor. Intel core Xeon something something something

  9. the following is a paid advertisement brought to you by “fan boys for Intel”

  10. Oh my gosh this filthy shill actually sounds like he's impressed with a 1kW CPU. As if more Watts -> more SPEEDS. This thing is prepared to detonate, just delete your channel now holy crap.

  11. This product plucked fresh from the Rectal Innovations team at Intel.

  12. Which computer show is this, is it the Intel Developer Conference? I worked for Intel in 1999 at Online Services and in 2006 for the Mask Operation Division, and started the Intel Alumni Association group on Linkedin, and they never send us any of the promotions. I also could not sign up for the 8086 Sweepstakes, it states it has ended.

  13. WoW 28….thats an achievement…4 more to go. LOL. AMD waiting ahead.

  14. I count 56 tiny rectangles … so maybe 28 with hyperthreading

  15. I got an idea, lets take a server cpu and change the name. It will look like we did something new….smh
    At 500 watts for 1 user it is too much but split to 6 users at once, that is actually very economical. However 6 editors 1 cpu is only something linus will try. So for everyone else, this cpu is just a bad deal in terms of power use and likely also in terms of price.

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