Intel Pentium G4600 + GTX 1050Ti Affordable Gaming Budget Pc Build (GameplyBenchmarks)

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Intel Pentium G4600 + GTX 1050Ti Affordable Gaming Budget Pc Build (GameplyBenchmarks)

Hey What’s up guys Your boy Agha’ buzz here we are building a much stronger & stable budget Gaming pc Intel Pentium G4600 Featuring The Awesome GTX 1050Ti (4GB) for every AAA title out there and also for the up coming titles as well upto 3 years. it can handle all the bumps and jumps in it’s way no worries at a very low cost my friends for beginners & for Gamers as well who wants a stady fps in Games at 1080p i got you all covered.

Parts Used In Pc:
CPU – Intel Pentium G4600
GPU – Galax 1050 ti EXOC
RAM – 8gb Crucial Ballistix (1×8)
MOBO – AsRock B250m Pro4
PSU – EVGA 450w BV
CASE – Tecware Edge TG
LED – Deepcool RGB 350

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  1. Hey man ! I subscribed to your channel because i think you will become big. Just a for ya 😀 :
    Try build guides and budget builds because people will always look for those type of videos but anyways good job ! I will be expecting more from you :))

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